The Mack Stops Here

Poor (well not really!) Mr. Mack, he can’t seem to win nowadays. He gets blasted for his rant about riding the Long Island Rail Road. Then comes the restriction on the use of his (& other board members) E-Z Pass tags & LIRR passes. This is followed up by news of the State Police wanting […]

Teens Turned Away From A City Bus

A trip for two teenage girls trying to pick up their report cards turned into more than they bargained for on Friday. The teens were going to pick up their report cards from Bishop Kearney High School when they ran into problems due to their student MetroCards expiring. Pete Donohue & Carrie Melago of the […]

MTA Revokes Travel Perks

As expected, the Metrpolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) voted to revoke the free travel perks to current & past board members at today’s board meeting. The new policy strips all former board members of their free E-Z Pass tags, MetroCards, & railroad passes. Current members will still receive these items but with restrictions which state they […]

MTA Board Polling On Free Perks

This past Thursday, writers from Newsday contacted the 22 members who make up the MTA Board. The purpose of this contact was to conduct a poll on whether or not they favor the proposed restriction of use onĀ  their free systemwide passes. Here is the report with the results courtesy of Newsday: Newsday called the […]