Increased Fare Evasion Penalty Begins Today

Towards the end of June, I wrote about the MTA board approving an increase to the fine one would pay if they are caught for fare evasion. The fine is now $100, up from the previous amount of $60. This past Thursday the New York City Transit division of the MTA issued a press release about the increase:

The penalty for fare evasion is increasing from $60 to $100. The increase, the first in 20 years, was unanimously approved by the full MTA Board at its June 25, 2008 meeting. The increased fine will go into effect for fare evasion summonses issued on Monday, July 7th, 2008.

Attached is a “Fare Evasion Will Cost You” poster, versions of which will be posted in subway stations and on board buses city-wide.

For more information on this and other penalties in our Rules of Conduct, customers can log on to our website at

Fare Evasion Poster

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Express Bus Rider Report Card Results

I have to admit I did not do the express bus rider report card any justice in terms of coverage & for that I do apologize. I meant to post about the results on July 4th as I was writing the other entries but I got sidetracked. Anyhow lets get down to business by starting out with the press release issued by the MTA discussing the results:

With an eye toward replicating the information-gathering process that turned out to be so successful with the Subway Rider Report Card, MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bus solicited the views of express bus customers in order to learn what aspects of their service they’d like to see improved.

Using the Express Bus Rider Report Card to evaluate everything about their daily commute from bus announcements to schedule adherence to seat availability per trip, riders who rely on MTA Bus and NYC Transit’s express bus service were asked to assign a lettered grade to 20 different service attributes.

The Express Bus Rider Report Card was distributed to riders during the week of November 13th, 2007. In total, 10,301 riders responded: 9,015 by mail and 1,286 via the internet. When the votes were tallied, riders gave the network of express bus routes an overall C grade.

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Select Bus Service Gets The Job Done

Last week I wrote a couple of entries (1 & 2) discussing the Select Bus Service that debuted on the Bx12. While some had a knee jerk reaction to the service, others have raved about its initial success. 5 days ago the associate director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Veronica Vanterpool shared her first hand experience of the new service which shaved a nice chunk of time off her commute. Here is a small sample of her entry:

Yesterday morning, I rode to our Manhattan office aboard the newly launched Bx12 Select Bus Service. As a Bronx resident, I was eager to see how the three-day-old system was working and how bus riders were responding to the change. I boarded at the Bay Plaza Shopping Mall in Co-op City and got off at the last stop, 207th and Broadway.

As to be expected with any change in service, many riders were initially confused by the ticket machines. However, once instructed to insert their Metrocards–by either the helpful bus driver or the customer representatives dispatched to each of the bus shelters along the route–their apprehension eased away as a proof-of-payment ticket came out about a second later.

To read her entire entry, click here.

Veronica is spot on with her analysis of the time savings increasing in the future when familiarity kicks in & most importantly with a vigilant enforcement of bus lanes. I seriously hope that the enforcement of these bus lanes is not a short lived public display of getting the job done p.r. style. If it is, look for select bus service to crash into a wall head first at 100mph!

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4 Train Service Alert

Due to a smoke condition between the Bowling Green Station & the Borough Hall Station, there is no 4 Train train service in both directions between the Bowling Green Station and the Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street Station at this time.

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3 & 4 Train Service Alert

Due to track maintenance between the Junius Street Station and the New Lots Avenue Station, please expect delays in service on the 3 Train and 4 Train trains in both directions at this time.

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