A Huge Mistake

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs & came across an entry about the MTA shelving the planned third track at the 72nd Street station on the Second Avenue Subway. My first suggestion is to check out the entry I am referring to on Ben K’s Second Avenue Sagas which in my opinion is the best blog for extensive opinions & updates on the Second Avenue Subway project.

Benjamin nails it perfectly in regards to the city, & MTA regretting not making this a 4 track line in the future. He is also correct in how eliminating the third track from this station would lead to issues with traffic & connecting transfers.

In the long run it is painfully obvious that the Second Avenue Subway will be a project that will always have the “what it could have been” syndrome attached to it. How different would our transit infrastructure be if all projects were planned with the current & future ridership increases in mind. One can dream right?????

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