Fare Policy Memorandum

Yesterday, the MTA updated the “Proposed Administrative Actions/Fares/Service/Station Changes” page with a fare policy memorandum from Chief Financial Officer Gary J. Dellaverson. Here is a link to the .pdf of the memo which shows the details of different fare hike proposals: Fare Policy Memorandum

While I do not want to see any fare hike, I understand it is inevitable. If I had to choose one of the proposals as the right one to go with it, I would have to reluctantly choose Ravitch Proposal #2 as it does the best job of spreading the fare hike across all riders instead of unfairly attacking a specific rider niche. I especially like the fact it keeps the 30 day unlimited under the century mark for riders such as myself. In case you were wondering why I am reluctant on the Ravitch Proposal, it mainly lies with the fact I think the committee’s proposals are not exactly financially sound ideas. You can view my thoughts here.

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According to this the base fare would not go any higher than $2.50,right?

Hello Abba,

Yes, $2.50 would be the highest base fare seen regardless of which proposal would pass as of now. The only proposal with that base fare is proposal #1.

However I did see that with the bus fare in cash or single-ride it could go up to $3.

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