MTA Cracks Down On Litterers

Seeing trash all over the place whether it be on the platforms or the tracks is a part of the NYC Subway riding experience. The agency has spent many resources on trying to keep things clean but it is hard to fight the lack of care that comes from litterers.

However this is not stopping the MTA from cracking down on such pigs. Anna Sanders of the New York Post has more:

Since fines for littering on the subway doubled to $100 in mid-September, cops have been cracking down on sloppy straphangers.

MTA police issued 200 littering tickets between Sept. 14 and Dec. 28, and the NYPD gave out another 97 from Sept. 14 to Dec. 17.

That’s more than twice the 143 littering violations recorded in all of 2016.

This fall was the first time MTA police began enforcing littering laws in the subway system; until now, only the NYPD issued such summonses.

Click here for the complete report.

I am glad the agency increased fines as littering in the subway is completely inexcusable. All it does is cause an increase in rodents & lead to potential delays due to track fires. We all know the same pigs who are littering the stations will be the first ones to complain that their commute is delayed due to track fires. I would completely support the agency increasing the fines even more to really start to deter these filthy animals.

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Subway Action Plan On A C E Lines

MTA New York City Transit’s FASTRACK program returns with the first FASTRACK of the year on the A Train C train e train  lines between Midtown Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 15, an extensive amount of maintenance, cleaning and repair work to advance the MTA Subway Action Plan will be performed as New York City Transit’s FASTRACK program comes to stations along the A Train C train e train lines between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Jay St-MetroTech, for two consecutive weeks.  In order to minimize impact on customers and allow maximum efficiency with workers receiving unfettered access to tracks, this work will be performed for four consecutive weeknights, from 9:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., on Jan. 15-19 and again on Jan. 22-26.

The MTA Subway Action Plan is a comprehensive plan to stabilize and modernize the subway system by attacking the key drivers of 79 percent of delay-causing major incidents, strategically targeting additional personnel and equipment to focus on critical parts of the system.  Track and signal components are maintained and repaired, and massive amounts of debris are removed to reduce delay-causing track fires.  The Subway Action Plan also focuses on improving communications to help customers plan their trips.

FASTRACK was introduced in January 2012, devoting four straight weeknights to maintenance work in tunnels, stations and on tracks by suspending service within a given line segment for a seven-hour period between  10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  During each seven-hour period, an army of maintenance workers will take advantage of train-free access to the tracks to perform dozens of tasks that are vital to providing safe and reliable train service.  These tasks include the repair and replacement of track, third rail, electrical and signal components, debris removal from tracks and under or around the third rail, and the repair of tunnel infrastructure.  Improvements to stations include painting, platform work, and repairs to signage, lighting fixtures and ADA components.

“The unfettered track access of FASTRACK enables us to advance Subway Action Plan goals and minimize customer impact by allowing workers to do more in less time,” MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota said.  “We are on an urgent path to stabilizing and modernizing the subway system and intensive overnight work will help us get there.”

FASTRACK schedules have been designed around the careful determination that there is adequate alternate means of transportation, including enhanced services along some bus lines, during work periods.  Alternative transportation options will be detailed in announcements and posters on trains, in stations and on buses.

During this FASTRACK operation, A Train C train e train service will be suspended in both directions between 59 St-Columbus Circle and Jay St-MetroTech.  A Train e train trains will be run via the 6 Av  D train f tain line, and c train service will end early each weeknight.  Trains will operate as follows:

The most up-to-date information on MTA service status is always available at  For immediate notice of service changes, sign up for email or text alerts at, or use Trip Planner+ to plan your trip accordingly.

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MTA To Hold Canarsie Tunnel Meetings

Earlier today, the MTA announced that it was teaming up with the NYC DOT to hold community meetings about the upcoming Canarsie Tunnel repairs that will severely affect service on the L Train for over a year. Here is more via the official release I was sent:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) today announced the dates for a series of jointly held open houses in January and February aimed at engaging those communities in Manhattan and Brooklyn that will be affected by the repairs to the Canarsie Tunnel on the  line.

The open houses, which will take place over four consecutive weeks beginning on January 24th, will feature representatives from MTA and NYC DOT and will provide riders with critical information about alternative travel options they can utilize during the 15 months in which the Canarsie Tunnel will be closed for major repairs beginning April 2019.

MTA New York City Transit personnel will preview measures the agency will take to help move the roughly 225,000 customers who travel through the tunnel each weekday, as well as the 50,000 riders who use the  train just within Manhattan.  NYC DOT will discuss its proposed street improvements to support travel alternatives during the closure.  Changes will include HOV restrictions on the Williamsburg Bridge, the addition of Select Bus Service to a new 14th Street busway, along with new protected bike lanes and bus lanes throughout the affected Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Customers are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the meetings, which are open to the public. Attendees may arrive at any time during the meetings.


The Canarsie Tunnel was one of nine underwater tunnels that flooded during Superstorm Sandy in 2012, all of which required extensive rehabilitation and repair. The Canarsie Tunnel suffered extensive damage to tracks, signals, switches, power cables, signal cables, communication cables, lighting, cable ducts and bench walls throughout a 7,100-foot-long flooded section of both tubes. Bench walls throughout those sections must be rehabilitated to protect the structural integrity of the tubes.

The scheduled 15-month closure of the Canarsie Tunnel’s two tubes begins in April 2019.

More information on the Canarsie Tunnel repairs and the alternate service changes are available on this dedicated MTA mini-site on the work.


These community meetings will follow an open house format guided by MTA and NYC DOT representatives. The meetings are intended to help customers better understand their alternate travel options and provide answers to questions from subway customers, local business owners and residents of the impacted neighborhoods.

The open houses will take place on the following dates:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m: East Williamsburg

Progress High School

850 Grand Street, Brooklyn

To get to the event, take the L to Grand Street or use any of the following bus lines:  Q54, Q59, B43.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m.: Manhattan Eastside

14th Street Y

344 East 14th Street, New York

To get to the event, take the   to 1 Av or the   to 14 St-Union Sq or use any of the following bus lines: M14A, M14D, M15, M15SBS, M101, M102, M103

Thursday, February 8, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m: Williamsburg

Williamsburg Community Center

195 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

To get to the event, take L to Montrose Av or use any of the following bus lines: Q54, Q59, B24, B43, B48, B60

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m: Manhattan Westside

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

328 West 14th Street, New York

To get to the event, take  to 14 St Union Square or the 8 Av  or use any of the following bus lines M11, M12, M14A, M14D, M20

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MTA NYC Transit MLK Jr Day Service Info

Here is the MTA NYC Transit service plan information for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr 2018 holiday:

On Monday, January 15, the New York City Subway will operate on a weekday schedule with minor timing changes.  Customers are advised to allow additional travel time, and use Subway Time for live wait times, or TripPlanner+ to plan their trips accordingly.  

New York City Buses will operate on a weekday schedule with minor timing changes except for Staten Island and Queens, where Limited Stop routes S81, S84, S86, S90, S91, S92, S94, S96, S98 Q4, Q6, Q25 and Q65 will not run.  Weekday local service will operate along these routes.  In addition, all Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens “X” express routes will operate on a special schedule with minor adjustments in departure times.

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LIRR MLK Jr Day Service Info

Here is the MTA Long Island Rail Road service plan information for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr holiday:

MTA Long Island Rail Road will operate on a modified Holiday Schedule with a total of 32 extra trains provided on the Babylon, Montauk, Port Jefferson, Port Washington and Ronkonkoma Branches. Off-peak fares will apply all day.

The extra trains’ departure times are included in the current LIRR timetables dated January 8, 2018, through February 25, 2018, in shaded columns marked “Note M.” The timetables are available at stations or online at the LIRR’s website at by accessing the schedules link, where one can access for full timetables for each branch or select desired travel times and destination.

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