MTA NYC Transit Begins New Ad Campaign

If you have ever taken a ride on the NYC Subway, this scenario has played out. You are trying to get to your destination as quickly as possible yet the ride is littered with delays due to one person after another holding the door. The angry glances & stares do nothing to deter it from occurring. However the MTA continues to hold out hope that the message of not holding doors gets through. Their latest attempt comes in the form of a “Please Don’t Hold The Doors” advertising campaign. Here are the details in a press release sent out a short time ago:

Holding doors is a sign of good manners, except when those doors belong to a subway train. Not only is the act of keeping the doors from closing potentially dangerous, but it delays that train plus the trains behind it.

To help remind customers that holding train doors is not the thing to do, MTA New York City Transit is posting car cards with the headline “PLEASE DON’T HOLD THE DOORS”. Directly beneath that is a red figure with a leg stuck in the closing doors of a subway car. It looks pretty uncomfortable but it still happens thousands of times each month amounting to real time lost for our customers and our trains. The message is posted in 2,200 subway cars.

“The selfish act of holding the doors while one tries to board or exit a train can delay several trains along a line, particularly during rush hour when trains run more closely together,” said Steven Feil, Senior Vice President of Subways for NYC Transit. “But aside from that aspect, you can get hurt.”

Subway conductors reinforce the message and often remind customers with their message of; “Ladies and gentlemen please do not hold the train doors open.” On new trains this message is automated but remains the same — just don’t do it.

Click here to see the poster created for this ad campaign.

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