MTA Worker Attacked For Being A Snitch

If you grew up in an urban environment, one word you never want to be tagged with is snitch as it is severely looked down upon even when it was right to do so.

Such is the case for a MTA worker who was attacked last Wednesday on a Brooklyn-bound L train after “snitching” on a rider who was urinating between cars. Thomas Tracy of the New York Daily News has more:

The on-duty MTA employee was riding a Brooklyn-bound L train heading into the First Ave./14th St. station at about 2:45 a.m. Wednesday when he saw a straphanger relieving himself between cars.

When the train reached the Bedford Ave. station in Brooklyn, he told two cops what he had observed. The officers grabbed the straphanger, who was still on the train, and tossed him from the station, officials said.

The move infuriated another commuter — a complete stranger — who accused the MTA employee of being a tattletale.

“Why you snitch on him?” the straphanger asked. “Wait to we leave. I’m gonna f–k you up.”

Once the doors closed, the straphanger attacked the MTA employee, punching him in the face and choking him

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I in no way condone the worker being attacked as it was not right & hopefully the perpetrator is caught. However I do have to question why he felt the need to go to the cops over someone urinating between cars. Perhaps the person really had to go & could no longer hold it. Now if he decided to urinate inside the car, I could understand flagging down the cops. However to do it in this case seemed overboard.

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