Was Mayor de Blasio Hit?

This is the question being asked in some transit circles after a NYC Subway conductor was pulled from duty & tested for alcohol & drugs after allegedly closing the doors on & hitting Mayor de Blasio. Jillian Jorgensen & Dan Rivoli have more in this New York Daily News exclusive:

Mayor de Blasio is no stranger to being slammed by the MTA, but this time he swears it didn’t happen.

Still, a conductor was yanked from duty last week and given a drug and alcohol test after a transit worker accused him of hitting Hizzoner with a train door, the Daily News has learned.

De Blasio was at the bustling Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center station on Thursday to announce a new community policing initiative in the subway system.

While boarding a northbound No. 5 train around 3:52 p.m. to get to Gracie Mansion, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority platform worker accused the train’s conductor of hitting de Blasio with the closing train doors.

“I was standing alongside the mayor and the doors never closed on him or anyone I saw,” De Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips said.

Still, the accusation got the attention of the dispatcher on duty and it went up NYC Transit’s chain of command.

The conductor was then pulled from service for drug and alcohol tests and put on restricted duty, according to a source familiar with the incident.

The source called the testing “normal protocol,” but added that “everybody kind of wanted to cover themselves” because de Blasio’s name was raised.

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Ignoring the fact that de Blasio is a complete joke & one of the worst mayors in NYC history, I am fascinated to know what really happened. We have two different versions of what went down. With so many witnesses, how could a concrete story not be available? Also the station has cameras, could they not look at the footage & see what actually happened? At first glance, yanking this conductor off the job sounds a bit personal.

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