NYC Subway Meet Facebook

NYC Subway meet Facebook! I see that someone created a subway status application that is incorporated into your Facebook profile. I found out about this recently while reading one of my favorite blogs which I am proud to call my homepage; Subway Blogger.

The application can be found here. Unfortunately I do not have a Facebook profile. I wonder if I’m the only one who doesn’t? Hmm…….. Anyhow it looks quite interesting.

Since one could call me a transit geek, I’m going to make a Facebook profile & check it out! I’ll let everyone know what I think in the near future!

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A Sad Story…..

August 12, 2007 will be a day the “Story” family will never forget. Unfortunately this is the day their 19 year old son Rayquon Story was killed in the Bronx while riding the 5 train. Here is a story about the murder courtesy of WCBS:

Teen Killed In Subway Shooting, 3 Others Hurt

Ti-Hua Chang

(CBS) NEW YORK A shooting at an elevated subway station in the Bronx eatly Sunday morning left one teenager dead, and three others hurt.

CBS 2 has learned the person who was killed was 19-year-old Rayquon Story.

Police say around 2:30 Sunday morning, two groups of teenagers began fighting on the ‘5’ train between the 180th Street and Dyre Avenue stops in the Eastchester section of the Bronx. One of the teens had a gun, and shot four teenagers, killing Story. The other three teens are listed in stable condition at Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital.

The gunman apparently slipped off the train when it came into the Dyre Avenue station. Police have not made any arrests.

Family members of the victims say the teenagers were at a barbeque party where two groups of teens began fighting. One group followed the other onto the subway, and a shooting ensued.

“He was on his way home,” said Tornette Story, Rayquon’s mother. “They followed him to this train station. Hopefully they will find who did this.”

The victim’s grandmother was too distraught to speak with CBS 2.

Robert Brown, an uncle of one of the victims, said they were summarily gunned down on the train, which runs on elevated tracks in the area.

“They walked on the train, they shot them, and they walked off. That’s all I know,” he said.

Police have some leads according to the family, and are looking for a single teenage gunman.

Hopefully the person(s) responsible for this crime are brought to justice!

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All Over……

So the date was August 2nd & the forecast was disgusting! I needed to make a quick deposit at the bank. However I had no patience to ride the subway during normal business hours. You know what this meant, another overnight bank run!

I hopped a ride to the train station & got dropped off at Middletown Rd. As I walk up the stairs, I realized that I shouldn’t have taken  the ride. I needed to cash one of those scratch off tickets as I was a few dollars short for my deposit.

So I decided to get off at Hunts Point Ave. & find a store to cash the ticket. Unfortunately my search was futile as one place was no longer there, & the others did not have their lotto machines open. After getting shot down a third time, it finally dawned on me. I forgot that lotto machines do not open in NY until 6 AM.

I was hot & had no patience to wait until the lotto machines opened. So I decided to walk to Whitlock Ave & hop the 6 train back home. As I was walking, I thought to myself let me see if I run into my dad on his way down. I looked at the bus schedule & figured out which bus would probably be his. I ended up catching his bus & getting the few bucks I was short. I finally ended up making it to the bank to make a deposit at the ATM.

Now only if I asked for a few bucks to begin with, I could have avoided the round about trip! Oh well…..

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Subway Elevator & Escalator Status Available Online

The MTA had an early Christmas present for straphangers, a new feature on their website. As of August 1st, straphangers can get updated subway elevator & escalator status online. The pages are still a work in progress. However at this present time, data is updated three times daily: 6 a.m., 3 p.m., and 10 p.m.

I am curious about something. Does anyone think that many people will take advantage of this service? I’m all for updating our transit system as far as commuting & information is concerned. However this particular update seems geared towards the elderly. I just can’t see them booting up a computer & visiting a website for such information.

I wonder if the MTA will provide usage statistics for this service for the first 6-12 months. I doubt it but I would be interested in the data if it ever sees the light of day.

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Towards the end of July, The Straphangers Campaign released their annual “State of the Subways” report card. Just a quick question, why release a 2007 report when only a little over half the year has gone by? Anyhow, I call bullshit on their report card.

There is no way, the 1 is the best rated line in the system. I’ve ridden that line many times since I was a kid. I also know people who ride it daily. More times than not, I hear a bunch of complaints. Most of the complaints stem from inconsistent service. Now if many people are feeling this way & justifiably so, how did the Straphangers not pick up on this?

One issue I have always noticed with the 1 is that one minor delay anywhere along the line can screw up the entire line. These delays seem to happen more often than not so there is no way this is the best line in the system. I also call bullshit on how the 6 train is #4! The 6 train should be no lower than 2nd, & quite frankly it should be first. I am very impressed with the 6 as a whole & rarely have a complaint about the service it provides.

As far as the worst line goes, I see the C & W tied for the dubious honor. I do not ride the C much so I don’t have a lot of experience. However I did ask others who depend on it & many don’t disagree. The usual complaint I heard is about long droughts in arrivals. This is definitely a complaint I am used to hearing especially from local riders in Brooklyn.

The W in my opinion is getting a bum rap. First off it is not a full time line & it really is nothing more than a little helper to the N. In my opinion the W does its job well providing extra service in key spots especially in Astoria. If any train should be rated the worse, it would be the R! There is a reason why many say the R stands for “Rarely”!

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