Ehh $2.25……

Without question, today’s major transit story is the release of two sets of details for the MTA’s proposed fare hike. Each plan would raise the base fare from $2.00 to $2.25. However there are some differences as one proposal would keep the fares at one base price while the other proposal would base fares on what time you are riding. Here is a quick breakdown of each proposal.

Proposal #1:

    Base Fare: $2.25
    Express Bus Fare: $5.25
    Weekly & Monthly Passes: Approximately 4% increase (About $25 or $79)
    14 Day Unlimited Pass: $45
    Metrocard Bonus For Cards $10+: 20% bonus to bring the average ride to $1.88

Proposal #2:

    Base Fare: $2.25
    Express Bus Fare: $5.00
    Weekly & Monthly Passes: Approximately 6.5 – 8% increase (About $26 & $81)
    14 Day Unlimited Pass: $45
    Metrocard Bonus: No bonus; Buy a $6+ card & pay $2.25 per ride during peak ridership times & $1.50 during non peak ridership times

I do not support these fare hikes but I think The Subway Blogger said it best:

The fare hike is just a reality that is going to happen.

As much as I hate to see this fare hike go through, he is 100% right. I don’t see this fare hike being stopped although I like many others feel it should be. I would only support a fare hike if we were guaranteed better service, equipment, & facilities. However this is the MTA we are talking about & I don’t ever see all 3 of those issues being at above average levels at the same time.

The saddest part of all of this is how the MTA has not exhausted every possible funding solution available. They also have not shown the ability to manage & optimize the funds at their disposal. As usual the straphanger ends up paying for decisions out of our control.

What a great world we live in!

P.S. Commuter railroad customers get yet another big foot up the ass which is of no surprise to anyone….

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