Cell Service Pilot To Begin Next Week

As of this upcoming Tuesday, those with AT&T or like myself T-Mobile (jailbroken & unlocked I-Phone = great!), we will be able to use our cellphone underground at 6 stations. This is courtesy of the Transit Wireless pilot that will finally get off the ground. The service will be available at the following stations:

14th Street: 1 Train 2 Train 3 Train

14th Street: A Train C Train E Train

23rd Street: C Train E Train

14th Street: F Train M Train

6th Avenue: L Train

8th Avenue: L Train

Here is more courtesy of Drew Grant for the New York Observer:

Finally: a way to tweet about how hot and crowded the L train platform is…while on the L train platform! An MTA official confirmed rumors to the New York Observer that starting Tuesday, AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be getting service underground.

The trains themselves will still not get reception, so if you are stuck underground for three hours, there will still be no way to call your boss and let them know that’s why you’re late for work.

In addition, the MTA official told us that although only AT&T and T-Mobile are currently on board with this plan, they are looking for other service providers to join the program. These six mezzanines are part of a pilot program on the MTA’s part, which is hoping to eventually make all stations cell phone capable. 2016, which had been floated as the tentative date for this availability, could not be confirmed by the MTA official, even though that’s a pretty long time from now.

Click here for the complete report.

Well it is about time this pilot comes to fruition. Long term readers might recognize the Transit Wireless name as I have wrote about them a few times over the last 4 years. It all started almost 4 years to the date when the MTA announced a deal with the company to bring cell & wi-fi service to 6 stations at first & if all went well to the remaining 217 underground stations.

Unfortunately things did not work out as the company faced questions of whether it was legitimate. Eventually they went belly-up multiple times. However even with all of that, the MTA announced they would try & make it work with them in July 2010.

At the time, I said I will believe the service will work when I see it. So the time has come & I will definitely be testing out whether it works or not. The fact it debuts on Tuesday is perfect as I will be in those areas on Tuesday as I normally am every week. I will let everyone know how it goes.

xoxo Transit Blogger

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