Senator Clinton Introduces Major Transportation Bill

Back towards the end of June, I wrote about a major transportation bill that was overwhelmingly approved by the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill which is titled “Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act of 2008” would call for a $1.7 billion financial aid package earmarked to help mass transit systems around the country lower fares & expand operations. $237 million of that aid would be earmarked for New York City.

As I stated in June’s entry, the bill had a long way to go before it successfully crossed the finish line. The bill while an overwhelming success in the House, struggled to make headway in the Senate due to lacking a Senate sponsor. However this past Friday the sponsorship issue was taken care of as New York Junior Senator Hillary Clinton (who should have been our next President) introduced “S 3380 IS” to the Senate.

Lets hope this bill can make it through the Senate & get to the President. My main concern is if the bill gets to Bush’s hands as he will most likely veto it. We know how he truly could care less about providing adequate funding for the country’s transit infrastructure. If this bill was catered to vehicles, He’d approve it in a second. Pathetic…..

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