So That’s What Happened!

Yesterday morning I posted a MTA Service Alert that pertained to the N, Q, & R trains. As usual the service alert was vague on details. However details are now available as to what happened courtesy of this entry from Second Avenue Sagas.

As Ron Simmons would say, DAMN!

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N, Q, & R Service Alert

The MTA has posted a new service alert which might be of interest to riders of the , , & trains. The service alert reads:

Due to a police investigation at the DeKalb Avenue Station, 57th Street-bound trains and Forest Hills-bound trains are running on the line from the DeKalb Avenue Station to the Canal Street Station.

Please expect delays in service on the , and trains at this time.

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So Why Should We Expect Delays On The 4 & 6 Again?

The MTA’s website has a service alert posted about the 5 train. The service alert said:

Posted on:9/12/2007 6:59:10 AM

Due to signal problems at the East 180th Street Station, Brooklyn College-bound trains are running local from the East 180th Street Station to the 149th Street-Grand Concourse Station.

Please expect delays in service on the , and trains at this time.

My question is why should this cause delays on & service when those lines do not run where the does? Sometimes these MTA service alerts can be good comic relief!

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The Sopranos & Model Trains

I was browsing local news sites & found an interesting piece on the model trains used in The Sopranos. I have to admit I never got into the show so I had no idea trains played a roll in the show. The only thing I watched was the series finale’s ending as for some reason it caught my eye. The model train that fictional mobster Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri bled to death on after being shot in the next-to-last episode will be on display in New Jersey. Here is an article about it courtesy of 1010 Wins:

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — The model trains that fictional mobster Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri bled to death on after being shot in the next-to-last episode of HBO’s “The Sopranos” have found a temporary home here in a former silk mill.

Model train fanatics who saw the episode had speculated on Web blogs about where the train set had ended up: Some thought France, where “Sopranos” creator David Chase went before the season finale aired; others joked it was in the Meadowlands, a legendary mafia dumping ground.

The trains, it turns out, went to Paterson’s North West Jersey Hi-Railers club because Mathew Horning, the son of one of the club’s trustees, was an intern at Lionel Model Trains when HBO called there looking for a temporary home for the Bacala display. When someone from Lionel mentioned the HBO call to Horning, he said he knew of just the place.

Bacala, played by actor Steven R. Schirripa, was a huge model train fan in the show, using it as a distraction from his daily criminal routines. In the final moments of his life on the show, Bacala is shopping for his hobby right before he takes his final spill on a model train set.

The set still has trails of stage blood on it from Bacala’s death at the hands of two gunmen. It will be on display Sept. 30 at the Paterson club, where about 1,000 people are expected to come.

The club is housed in a 12,500-square-foot room in a former silk mill in Paterson, where the club’s co-sponsors, Bernie Callen and Marty Horning, run a picture frame and matte company.

“When you see the (Bacala) detail work, it doesn’t compare to what’s upstairs, it doesn’t compare at all,” Bernie Callen told the Herald News of West Paterson for Tuesday newspapers.

The club has about two miles of train tracks that are situated around an estimated $1 million worth of scenery.

This is pretty cool if you ask me…

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The oops could be me forgetting to blog about the latest news on the shootout in the Bronx. However the oops is not my forgetfulness but for the typical shooting performance of New York’s finest. It seems that at least one shot that hit Officer Annmarie Marchiondo was from friendly fire. Here is an article with the latest news about this story courtesy of 1010 Wins:

NEW YORK (AP) — A police officer wounded in a fatal shootout last week with an armed parolee with a long rap sheet was hit by a bullet fired by another officer, police officials said Monday.

Ballistics evidence from the Bronx subway platform where the shooting occurred showed that Officer Annmarie Marchiondo was accidentally shot in the left foot by one of two officers who fired 14 times at the parolee, who was being detained for riding between cars of a moving subway train, police said. Riding between cars is against subway regulations.

Marchiondo also suffered wounds to her side and ankle, but it was unclear whether those were caused by friendly fire or by the parolee, Juan Calves, who fired six times and died in the shootout, the New York Police Department said.

Marchiondo remained hospitalized on Monday.

The shooting took place Friday afternoon when Marchiondo and two other plainclothes officers stopped Calves on a 4 train going from the Bronx to Manhattan.

After the officers took Calves off the train at the 176th Street station and began searching him, he grabbed Marchiondo in a head lock and pulled out a stolen 9mm gun, police said. When she broke free, he opened fire on the other officers; they returned fire and killed him.

Calves, 51, was freed on parole from prison two years ago after serving time for manslaughter of a fellow inmate, robbery and attempting to promote prison contraband.

The Cuban immigrant was arrested for the first time in the United States in 1981 on car theft charges, police said. The arrest occurred not far from where he was killed 26 years later.

I think new mental tricks need to be deployed to help cops with their shooting. My idea is they should mentally trick them to thinking any target is the last donut in the world. If they nail the target, they will get the world’s last donut!

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