Why?, is quite the appropriate way for me to start this entry. The story will show why the question is asked. The other reason I’ll explain right now. The events in this story took place on December 30th, 2005 & now is when I’m writing about it!!! Today is February 4, 2006!!!

I felt like shooting that day but had no concrete plans on where I would achieve this goal. I got a late start to the day which should come as no surprise. Since I only had a few hours left of daylight, I decided I’d shoot along the N & W in Astoria. The session turned out well. I didn’t care for the pictures @ Astoria Blvd so I never put them up for display. I really didn’t try to shoot at Ditmars.

My day of shooting is now over & I’m on my way back. I noticed I missed a call while I was shooting. I checked my voice mail when I arrived at Ditmars. The call was in regards to a NYE bouncer gig I was looking into.

I’m deciding on if I’d return the call when I get home or somewhere outside while on the train. I figured the call might not be done by time the N pulls into Lexington so I got off at Queensboro Plaza to make the call. This is where “Why?” becomes a reality.

I get off the train & am at the back of the station. I return the phone call as one 7 train came in after another. During a 2 minute stretch 4 of them came in! Anyway I am on the phone & I notice this couple or at least I assume they were. The two looked fairly young, maybe around my age if not a couple of years younger or older.

The two caught my attention as the man was verbally assaulting the woman. He seemed seriously pissed off about something she did & all she did was take it without going back at him. I now got off the phone & started to hear what this was all about. How could anyone not as the guy was that loud! He seemed angry that he was made to wait & didn’t get a phone call. She let him blow off his steam but no matter how much he did, he wouldn’t stop.

A few trains had passed on each side but I did not get on any of them. The reason why I didn’t was not because I was dying for a story but because I was afraid for her safety. I started to get a strong vibe that he was going to hit her. The man kept getting louder & louder. When trains pulled in, everyone would just stare who stayed inside & others walking by would keep looking until they faded into the background.

I noticed another gentlemen stopped & didn’t get on any of the trains either as I think he got the same vibe I did. I don’t believe in getting involved in situations like this but I would have if he hit her. She started to speak up & tell him that she got his point & he could stop. She kept asking him to calm down but he wouldn’t.

He started to raise his hand & I gave him the deadliest stare as I put my bag down. He noticed it immediately & put it down immediately. I believe he knew I was prepared to walk over & get involved so he thought better of it.

The man started to get in her face more & more. I kept staring at him daring him to try something. The only contact he made was he put his hand on her face as to pay attention to him. I started walking over to him & he took his hands off.

The N train came in & he started to get on. She just sat in the bench & didn’t move. He kept telling her to lets go, stop playing games, & get on. She wouldn’t budge so he said forget it & walked in the train. I cracked a smile that she stood her ground & wasn’t going to leave with him. I had planned on going up to her & congratulating her on making the right choice.

As soon as the thought finished crossing my mind, she got up & went on the train as the doors were about to close. She just slumped into a corner seat & the doors closed. Once she sat down, he was all in her face yelling again.

I stood there in disbelief wondering why she took the verbal abuse she did as well as why would you even bother. I know looks aren’t everything by any means but in all seriousness many would say he was lucky to have her!


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