B & E Train You’re Up & Speaking Of The E……

Sorry for the lack of entries the last few days. I’ve been extremely busy with a few pieces of business. Within the last couple of days, the MTA has updated its rider report card graphic to show 2 new lines that are up for grading. The latest lines added to the graphic are the B & E trains.

Speaking of the E train, I exchanged a couple of e-mails with my sister while she was at work. She happened to bring up the E train & its lack of air conditioned cars. This is not a new complaint from her as she has brought up this issue throughout the summer. It seems she comes across at least one car without a working air conditioning unit 2-3 times a week.

The issue seems to be well known amongst E riders. As she exited the train at Forest Hills-71st Avenue to transfer to the R train, an elderly couple asked her if the car had a working air conditioning unit. I replied to her e-mail & mentioned that the E train was up for grading for its 2007 Rider Report Card. I suggested that she fill out the card online & let her feelings be known.

I am happy to report that she filled out & submitted her card online yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately for the MTA, her grades would not be considered positive. From my understanding her grades mostly consisted of C’s, D’s, & F’s. As one would assume, she gave an F for “Comfortable temperature in subway cars”. Her overall grade was a D.

Lets hope many more people will fill out the report card this time around!

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