Multiple Rider Report Card Grades Are In….

This past Friday, the MTA issued a press release with partial results for the 2, 3, & Times Square Shuttle’s respective 2007 Rider Report Cards. Currently the MTA does not have the full results posted on their website. I have seen the full results posted elsewhere. However I feel a sense of responsibility to my readers to wait until the MTA officially posts the results before claiming what I read elsewhere is 100% factual. When they post the full results, I will have a detailed breakdown as well as my personal analysis of the grades earned. In the meantime, here is the entire press release courtesy of the MTA:

The 2 line connects the Wakefield section of the Bronx and Flatbush, Brooklyn. The 3 line runs between 148th Street in Harlem and New Lots Avenue in the East New York section of Brooklyn. The 42nd Street S shuttle connects Times Square-42nd Street and Grand Central-42nd Street. Riders who took part in MTA New York City Transit’s Rider Report Card survey issued an overall grade of C for the 2, C- for the 3 and B- for the 42nd Street S shuttle.

Of the 70,495 report cards that were distributed along the 23 and S lines between October 1st and 4th, 5,124 were returned for the 2 line-3,429 by mail and 1,695 via the web; the 3 line received 2,373 responses-1,692 by mail and 681 via the web; and the S received 380 responses-139 by mail and 241 via the web.

2 line customers gave their lowest grades of D+ to “Adequate room on board at rush hour,” “Station announcements that are easy to hear,” and “Station announcements that are informative.” Their highest grades of B- to “Lack of graffiti in subway cars,” “Ease of use of subway turnstiles,” and “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.”

3 line customers gave their lowest grades of D+ to “Adequate room on board at rush hour,” “Station announcements that are informative,” Train announcements that are easy to hear,” and “Train announcements that are informative.” Riders on the 3 gave a B- to “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.”

S riders on the short shuttle trip between Times Square and Grand Central gave their lowest grade of C to “Adequate room on board at rush hour,” “Cleanliness of stations,” “Station announcements that are easy to hear,” “Station announcements that are informative,” and “Train announcements that are easy to hear.” Higher marks of B were given to “Minimal delays during trips,” “Lack of graffiti in stations and subway cars” and the “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.”

The top three priorities for riders on the 2 and 3 lines were “Reasonable wait times for trains,” “Minimal delays during trips,” and “Adequate room on board at rush hour.” Customers on the S shuttle listed “Adequate room on board at rush hour,” “Reasonable wait times for trains” and “Cleanliness of stations” as their top three areas for improvement.

Full Rider report card results can be found on the web at Rider Report Card information is currently being tabulated for the B, E, A, C, F lines and the Rockaway Park S shuttle. Rider Report Cards were distributed along the 1 and G lines this week. Last week, riders on R and V lines were asked to grade service and next week, the Rider Report Card will travel to the NQW6 lines and the Franklin Avenue S shuttle.

Hopefully the full results are posted today so I can break them down.

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Police Search For A Man Who Shoved An MTA Motorman To The Tracks

According to Bobby Cuza of NY1, the police are searching for a man who pushed a MTA motorman to the tracks. Here is the brief article on the incident courtesy of NY1:

Police are searching for the man who pushed an MTA motorman onto subway tracks.

According to police, a motorman waiting on the shuttle platform at Grand Central Terminal was pushed onto the tracks a little before 9 last night.

The motorman was taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition with injuries to his left arm, back and legs.

His attacker is described as being about 35 years old, clean-shaven, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds.

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Newsday Seeks LIRR Rider Feedback

The Newsday is running a feedback section for Long Island Railroad riders (LIRR) in terms of customer behavior. According to the paper, the section is in response to the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) renewing its customer courtesy campaign. Here is one of the 3 responses left so far:

I was on the 6:04 p.m. train to Ronkonkoma a few months back. There was a young lady sitting across from me plugged into an iPod. You could tell she really had the thing on loud. Then her cell phone started ringing and she removed an earphone to answer. A lady sitting behind me asked her if she could please lower the volume on her iPod. The woman with the iPod became enraged and started yelling into her cell phone that some lady on the train has the nerve to tell her to lower her iPod. She filled the cabin with curse words … In an instant I found myself standing between the two irate women as they tried to get at each other. I attempted to reason with the young lady … The girl cursed at me and got out at Jamaica.


For more of the feedback, click here.

This should be interesting to say the least!

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Teen Dies After Being Hit By LIRR Train

This past Thursday, a 16 year old teenager named Phelim Lynch was hit by a westbound Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train just west of the Floral Park station. The incident took place as he & a 17 year old friend were walking along the tracks. According to some of his friends, the area in & around where the accident took place is a well known spot where youngsters hang out at.  He was taken to Mineola Hospital after the 10:45 p.m. incident but he eventually died at 6:08 a.m. on Friday.

I know this might sound harsh but I do not feel bad about this incident. I was once a teenager myself who did stupid things from time to time like others. However I knew where to draw the line in doing something stupid & doing something that can get me killed. When will people get it through their head, walking along active train tracks is NEVER a good choice. I don’t care how well you might know the schedule, one can never guarantee a train of some sorts will not come through. The worst part is you know people will continue to hang out in & around the spot where the accident happened. How many people have to die before the message sinks in?

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Couple Rescues Disabled Driver From Onrushing LIRR Train

This past Friday, a couple showed displayed amazing heroics when they saved a disabled driver from an onrushing Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train. The unidentified 63 year old driver mistook the tracks as a road. When she realized that she was on the tracks, she yelled for help saying she could not get out.

34 year old NYPD officer Randi LoCicero & her 33 year old chief of the volunteer fire department in Franklin Square, husband Anthony LoCicero ran to the car as the crossing gates closed down. When they reached the cat, they flung the doors open & got the driver out of the car just in the nick of time. Just seconds after, the train plowed into the car dragging it a short distance.

Ms. LoCicero had this to say about the incident; “She was a little mad we didn’t get her pocketbook, but you know, that’s life.” Long Island Rail Road spokeswoman Susan McGowan had this to say about the incident; “We are very grateful for the quick thinking and fast actions of these two heroes.”

Leave it to a woman to worry about her pocketbook when she almost died………

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