Attempted Robbery Leads To A Woman Being Stabbed

169th Street station on the F. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit

A 51 year old woman is currently listed in stable condition at the hospital after being stabbed in an attempted robbery. The incident took place at the 169th St. station on the F train. According to police, the woman was standing on the northbound platform waiting for an F train when a man approached her. The man attempted to snatch her handbag but was met with a resistance. As she continued to fight back, the man took out a weapon & stabbed her in the head & shoulder. Thankfully the 32 year old man was arrested & charged with assault, robbery, & criminal possession of a weapon in the attack.

This now explains the service alert I saw on the MTA’s website about a police investigation.

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Man Found Dead On Subway Tracks

Essex Street
Train tracks at Essex Street station on the J, M, & Z. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit

An unidentified 50 year old man was found dead this morning on subway tracks at the Essex Street station on the J, M, & Z trains. MTA employees spotted the unconscious man laying on the ground & alerted police. When the police arrived, they found the man laying on the tracks with his feet touching the third rail. The victim was pronounced dead an hour later.

My question is how did the man go from laying on the ground which I assume was the platform down to laying on the tracks touching the third rail? I assume the cops came a short time after being called so how did all of this take place? Did any of the workers not try to wake the man up? Why was the man not watched while the cops were on their way? Either the events of this story were incorrectly reported or the scene was mismanaged.

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Round 2 A Dud?

This seems to be the thinking of many throughout the city as the 24 hour strike came to a close at 5 a.m. this morning. Just like last month, we once again have both sides spinning a different version of events & success. The Metropolitan Taxicab Board Of Trade estimated that more than 95% of the cabs were out picking up fares. As usual Bhairavi Desai of the Taxi Workers Alliance strongly disagrees.

One thing is for sure, this round of the strike created more turmoil between drivers. At one location, a driver who was out on strike berated another driver waiting to pick up a fare. The driver on strike shouted “Scabs! You would prostitute your own mothers!”

Here are some comments from both sides:

Mayor Bloomberg – “We made a deal and we’re going to stick to the deal and I think taxi drivers who try it will like it.”

New York State Federation Of Taxi Drivers Leader Fernando Mateo – “These are not strikes. These are small protests by small groups who want to do radical things.”

Taxi Workers Alliance Executive Director Bhairavi Desai – “Despite those poor, pathetic scabs, the streets were empty this morning. Whatever they do to break our strikes, they can never break our spirits.”

Cab driver Billy Acquaire – “If the mayor has to put in place a contingency plan, then the strike was a success.”

While I do support the reasons behind the strike, I am starting to question the effectiveness of these strikes. The city has yet to feel severe effects from the strike & they don’t seem to be backing off from their position. Maybe the Taxi Workers Alliance should go back to the drawing board. They clearly do not have the support of all or even a majority of their drivers. So with that alone, they are considered to be in a position of weakness. I don’t know how many more rounds the drivers can go before they get knocked out.

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MTA Concerned About Revenue Loss….

It seems when it rains, it pours. This familiar cliche might be voiced by many within the MTA if one could hear their words. According to MTA their real estate revenues dropped sharply for the month of October. MTA official Gary Dellaverson says the agency lost $47 million dollars this month.

Thankfully even with such a horrible showing for the month of October, the agency is approximately $60 million dollars ahead of their original projections. However even with saying that, Mr. Dellaverson seemed concerned when he said; “Right now we are covered. We’re just putting up a yellow flag that this is something we have to watch carefully.”

Oh great this had to happen just when we are inching closer to the date where the proposed fare hike is being voted on!!!!

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MTA Says The Price Is Not Right!

Yesterday the MTA announced that there might be a delay in the creation of a Long Island Railroad terminal at Grand Central. The announcement came after the MTA was not pleased with the lone bid it received for the contract to build the terminal. The MTA expected the bid to come in at approximately $670 million dollars. However the bid submitted by a joint venture between Judlau Contracting Inc. & Dragados totaled $870 million.

MTA Capital Construction President Mysore Nagaraja said this about the agency’s feeling on the bid; “We were not happy with the number.” He also went on to share his feelings on the lack of bids in relation to such a huge project by stating They’re not hungry.” He went on to say that the agency might consider splitting the project into several smaller contracts. He also acknowledged that he is wondering if a call for new bids would delay the project’s slated completion time of 2013.

You know what, I wouldn’t mind seeing this plan scrapped. I have felt all along that this project was not a necessity as it only helps a small minority of riders. The MTA as a whole should be focusing most of their attention on the upkeep & creation of new services & stations in relations to the NYC subway! If they were to get their business in order in those areas, I would then support projects that can help suburban commuters!

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