Riders Welcome New Long Island Railroad Service

Yesterday was a historic day for the Long Island Railroad as the day marked the agency’s first new rail service since the 1964 World’s Fair shuttle. The new service is in response to traffic congestion during the construction work on County Road 39. The service will operate weekdays from October 23, 2007 through May 22, 2008.

The expanded service dubbed the “East End Shuttle” will feature three additional eastbound, weekday trains from Speonk with two terminating in Montauk and one in East Hampton. There will also be three additional westbound, weekday trains with two originating from Montauk and one from East Hampton which will terminate at Speonk. Here is a quick fare breakdown for the “East End Shuttle”:

  1. $2.25 uniform intra-zone fare for travel between Speonk and Montauk
  2. $1.00 uniform intra-zone fare for travel between Speonk & Montauk for the seniors & disabled riders
  3. Weekly pass will cost $20
  4. Monthly pas will cost $66

The cost of the service is estimated to run $84,000 a month. The costs included in the estimate include fuel, cleaning, maintenance, & crew. According to the LIRR, they are working with the government to help fund the additional operating expenses that would be incurred with this enhanced service.

The Long Island Railroad along with local politicians & residents are thrilled with the new service. Here are some comments from all sides:

Long Island Railroad President Helena Williams – “In response to community requests, the LIRR is nearly doubling its service to East End communities during the coming months. We are pleased to be partnering with local East End communities, elected officials and Suffolk County to help mitigate traffic congestion during the construction work on County Road 39. I am proud that the LIRR has been able to work with community leaders on this initiative.”

State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. – “South Fork community leaders have long envisioned improved rail and bus service as a means of reducing traffic congestion on the South Fork. The current CR 39 construction project has provided us with an opportunity to request increased rail service.

I am indebted to the foresight of new LIRR President Helena Williams. Her willingness to think ‘outside the box’ has allowed our residents to have a real alternative to the traffic gridlock that is inevitable during the CR 39 project over the next 7-8 months. It could also prove to be the catalyst to future mass transit initiatives on the East End. I urge all my constituents to consider the train to meet their commuting needs from now until Memorial Day.”

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy – “We are happy to be a partner in this bi-partisan, multi-leveled approach to solving a very real problem to our mutual constituents and customers. I would also like to thank new LIRR President Helena Williams for adopting a ‘can-do’ rather than a ‘can’t-do’ attitude.”

24 year old Manorville resident Linda LaRosa – “I’ve been working here for three years, and each year it [traffic] seems to get worse. Usually when you get to work, everybody is grumpy from the commute.”

65 year old East Moriches resident Don Sevigny – “It’s a mild excitement not jubilation. It’s another way of getting to work at East Hampton High School.”

I have to hand it to the Long Island Railroad for being proactive in creating better inter island service for commuters. Lets hope that this temporary project turns into permanent improvements to intra island service!

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Redrawn Plan Unveiled For Moynihan Station

Yesterday redrawn plans were unveiled for the proposed Moynihan Station. The plans also included a new Madison Square Garden, & office buildings which would reside at the current location for Madison Square Garden. The plans were met with a great amount of support from local officials & advocacy groups even though the plans did not contain many specifics. The plans are currently up for public comment on the Empire State Development Corporation’s Web site.

Here are some comments about the proposed plans:

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Dan Doctoroff – “The potential for the underutilized area around and west of the current Penn Station has been talked about for decades. Now we are on the cusp of transforming it into one of New York City’s most vibrant districts.”

Partnership for New York City President Kathryn Wylde – “It’s a much clearer and realistic approach than the original. What they’ve come up with is much more practical, considering our future transportation needs.”

Daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Maura Moynihan – “After years of false starts and delays, we cannot let optimism slip. It’s time to build Moynihan Station well and build it now.”

However there are some who question the current project & the execution of it. This comment sums up what many feel who are currently on the fence about the project:

“Municipal Art Society President Kent Barwick – “It seems like they are not finished doing the planning, but are starting the process anyway. They didn’t put forth enough for people to really be able to understand what the project is all about. There is an enormous amount at stake here.”

Honestly I do question the project myself. While I understand that Penn Station is in major need of upgrades to its infrastructure to better handle transportation needs for today & the future, we need to make sure this is the best course of action. We do not need to rush into something that can backfire in the face of everyone from elected officials down to the commuters such a plan is supposed to help. Also we can’t forget that the city must still convince the Dolan family to sell the land MSG sits on & move west for 1-2 blocks.

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Car Crashes Into Bus Shelter

Yesterday afternoon an already crazy intersection in downtown Brooklyn became even crazier due to a car accident. The accident happened at approximately 2 p.m. at Cadman Plaza West near Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. The police believe the accident happened when the driver attempted to move her double parked car. As she was attempting to do this, she hit another car & panicked. In her panicked state of mind, she accidentally put the car in drive & bolted forward about 150 feet.

The accident led to 4 people injured including the driver. One of the 4 injured was a man who was taken to Long Island College Hospital with an injured ankle. One woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital with an injured ankle. The third non driver injured was a 55 year old who suffered minor injuries but further information was unavailable. The driver who was not identified was taken to Bellevue Hospital for physical evaluation. The police said charges are pending against the driver.

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Herbert H. Lehman Ferryboat Sold…..

The Staten Island Advance is reporting that the Herbert H. Lehman ferry has been sold for $152,500 dollars. The ferry which was built in 1965 & retired from passenger service on the Staten Island Ferry this past June, was sold to the Bronx salvage yard La Viviana Industries Inc. The company was the highest of six bidders for the ferry which was auctioned by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

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Giving Me The Chills………

My sister sent me an e-mail while she was at work. She wanted to know if I had seen the story about the man found dead on the subway tracks at the Essex St. station on the J, M, & Z. She assumed I would want to blog about it. As I was preparing to thank her for the tip while letting her know I had already blogged about it, I read something that gave me the chills.

She was reminding me about a conversation we had a few days ago. In that conversation, she had mentioned a dream she had which involved a man being on the tracks. What gave me the chills is when she reminded me that the dream she had specifically featured a man on the tracks at a J train station. She did not know what station the dream took place in but remembered it was a stop the J train made. This conversation took place within the last 2-4 days so it is chilling to hear about this incident.

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