Odd Behavior

I’m on the 6 train heading home sometime after 2:30 in the morning on Sunday. I had just come from seeing my friends Dayglow play the last show at CBGB’s Downstairs Lounge. I’m sitting in the corner of the train listening to music when I noticed the 3 people sitting across from me.

The 3 people consisted of a male & two females. The man was sitting in between the two women. The blonde to my left had her eyes closed for most of the ride. I assume she was taking one of those phony naps. The eyes are closed but you are not really napping.

The behavior that struck me as odd is how her two friends would glance at her. They seemed to have a routine in place. The first thing they would do is glance at her. They followed this up by turning to look at each other. The routine ended by them almost chuckling.

I for some reason was sitting there quite curious as to why they repeatedly engaged in this routine until they got off. The most fun for them had to be when she looked through her pocketbook for something. This was followed by her “napping” again.

People do the strangest things sometime…………

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Oh Roger…….

Roger Toussaint, you are either clueless, funny, or a mixture of both. Readers of E.O.T. know how I felt about last year’s transit strike. If you don’t, check out the article by clicking here.

Mr. Toussaint has opened a reelection campaign website RogerToussaintVictory2006.com. When I first heard about the site & its content, I just knew I would blog about it. The delay came from having to actually fully believe what I had saw.

Roger, as a son of a MTA bus driver, & grandson of a retired MTA bus driver, I fully supported the reasons why you went out on strike. However as much as I supported you, I’m starting to think you are clueless.

NYC residents do not have short memories. A good sized percentage of residents hated you last year & continue to do so. Some of your supporters have lost confidence & this doesn’t include the many on the inside who aren’t fully behind you. Now with knowing all of this, why would you even dare try to make money off the strike?

I understand how these elections work & how you need to raise cash for them. This doesn’t make it right for you to try & make cash off of such a horrible event. The city was practically shutdown because of your actions. Now you expect people to forget that & support your cause? Newsflash Roger, it isn’t happening!

My first suggestion to you is fire your campaign manager if you have one. This idea reeks of a campaign manager who has no clue of what he or she is doing. If this idea actually came from you, go to the first mirror & slap yourself as hard as you possibly can. Maybe this slap will get your brain to start functioning again.

The hardcore truth is that your potential reelection will not come from the public but from within. So go out & prove to your constituents that you are the only person for the job. Save the stupid autographs, bracelets, t-shirts & anything else for a legitimate cause.

This is not the cause for it & I would hope you truly understand that. If you don’t, maybe you are not the right man to finish what you started.

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You Fucking Idiot!

Yes, I’m breaking out the vulgar language for this entry! I feel I am quite justified in doing so. This little story took place on Tuesday in midtown.

I was meeting a guy from Craig’s List to take a look at a mp3 player. I enjoyed my current player but was worried about some battery charging issues. I noticed that if the adapter was moved, it would stop charging. I found out the hard way a few times when I was stuck outside with no music!

So I am meeting the man in the lobby of where he worked. I get off the E at 7th Ave & was walking up the first set of stairs. The common rule with the staircase is to stay to your right. I’m doing just that when I noticed a few people approaching the staircase.

One of the people approaching was a tall guy in a business suit. He clearly saw me coming up the stairs as he approached to come down. Instead of keeping to his right like everyone else did, he decides to stay to his left. We were one step from crashing into each other.

He finally ducked to his right as he saw I wasn’t moving out of the way. I could tell he was annoyed that I didn’t move. I stood my ground & as I walked by, I called him a fucking idiot which is exactly what he is!

Oh by the way if you were wondering, I purchased the mp3 player. I am happy to have another Creative mp3 player as they make the best ones! Don’t get suckered in on the over hyped I-Pod!

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Pretty Good For A Change

I found out at the last minute that I needed to go to the bank. This was pretty unexpected as I thought the day for me would be all work. I quickly rush out of the house so I can make it down by 3. I have a quick rant I must share with all of you.

I am sick of my bank being open to 6PM M-F. Why would I complain about that you ask? The reason I am is because cash deposits at a teller do not count the same day if made after 3PM. So in instances like today, I had to run out of the house frantically so I could make it to Midtown by 3.

A cash deposit at a teller should count immediately! Actually with the technological advances in this world, all cash deposits at an ATM or teller should count immediately! I get more annoyed when I pass by 3 banks walking towards the train. The most pathetic thing is how it is easier to get to the Midtown versus a branch in my borough!

Ok I bet you are wondering how the title has anything to do with this entry. Believe me when I tell you it does. I’m done digressing so I will comment on the main point I am trying to make. I usually take the 6 EXP back home. Unfortunately the initial express run between 3rd Ave./E. 138th St. & Hunts Point Ave. crawls.

Today for the first time in ages, the initial run felt like a true express run. I admit for the first 30 seconds it seemed it would be slowness as usual. However I was pleasantly surprised & would give the commute back home an A+!

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Where Is Everyone?

I had no plans for this past Friday (09/22/06). However at the last minute I ended up hanging out with my best friend Dawn. She was curious if I would be interested in going to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. Since I had been busy working, I thought it would be a good time for a break.

My departure was much later then I originally expected. I left my house sometime after 7:30 & made a brief stop to pay my cell phone bill before I boarded the 6. I got upstairs & the 6 came in under 2 minutes & off I was to Canal St. I boarded the first car & was on my way. As I was listening to music on my mp3 player, I felt something seemed strange.

The strange feeling that took over me was the fact that this train was quite empty. I started thinking to myself, where is everyone? It is a Friday night in the city that never sleeps & this train hardly has anyone on it. I knew the train had not reached Manhattan yet but usually it has a decent crowd on it prior to 125th St.

As the train approached each station, I noticed the lack of crowds at each station. I really started to wonder what was happening when stops like 86th St., 77th St., & 68th St.-Hunter College had lighter crowds than usual.

Eventually the train started to get crowded but I couldn’t help but feel something seemed out of place. I got to Canal St. & was on my way. I never will know why the crowd was so light. However if I had a guess I would say it was because of Rosh Hashanah. If this is the case well damn there a lot of Jews who ride the 6!

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