NY State Comptroller Will Audit The MTA

This past Sunday New York Post writers Bruce Golding & Melissa Klein broke the story of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli deciding to audit the MTA’s books. Here is a small sample of their report:

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli will launch an audit of the MTA’s books in response to public outrage over the proposed fare hikes, The Post has learned.

“Mass transit is crucially important to the economic well-being of the city, and the MTA has historically not done the best job of managing its resources,” DiNapoli’s spokesman Dennis Tompkins told The Post.

“Now it’s more important than ever that they implement every possible way to save money and increase efficiencies in the system before they raise fares on the public.”

Click here to read the entire report.

I applaud Mr. DiNapoli’s plan to audit the MTA’s books. I am anxious to read the preliminary report which is due to be released in September. However even though I expect him to find countless examples of how the agency wasted money, will it really make a difference in regards to the potential fare hikes that will come starting next year?

The MTA has clearly shown that they do not do the best job possible in implementing the concepts shared in these reports. Why should I or anyone believe that this report will change things for the better? Did last year’s report by NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson change anything? No, it sure did not in the overall picture & I expect the results to be the same here.

It is nice to see Mr. DiNapoli take a long hard look at the numbers. However until the MTA can show that they will change their ways, no amount of factual reports will change their ways or starve off an unjustified fare hike.

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