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MTA & Officials Meet To Discuss Flooding Issue

For those who have ever been in or around the Long Island Rail Road’s Mineola station and its intermodal center, you would know how susceptible it is to flooding during heavy periods of rain. Recently officials from the town & LIRR met to discuss the problem. Rich Forestano of Mineola American has more: MTA/LIRR and […]

MTA Passes On Seatless Subway Plan

Back in 2008, MTA NYC Transit announced a pilot program that outraged the majority of NYC subway riders. The pilot in question would have had a 10 car train feature 4 cars with their seats locked up. The objective was to increase the amount of passengers able to fit on a train during the rush […]

LIRR To Operate Weekend Montauk Service

I apologize for not posting this sooner. The summer months see a big spike in ridership on the Montauk line due to riders going out to Hamptons for the weekend. With so much service being affected due to the fire at a major switching tower near Jamaica Station on Monday, it is safe to assume […]

LIRR Friday AM & PM Rush Hour Service Info

Signal men checking control wires within a switch machine. Photo courtesy of the MTA Long Island Rail Road. Yesterday evening, the MTA Long Island Rail Road sent out a press release with the latest planned service information stemming from the Jamaica Tower fire. There will continue to be major service interruptions in the form of […]

Various Transit Hubs Vulnerable To LIRR Repeat

Without question, the biggest transit story over the last few days as been the chaos being felt by riders of the Long Island Rail Road. The fire at a tower near the LIRR’s Jamaica Station was extremely detrimental to the system due to 11 of the 12 lines it operates running through there. Due to […]