MTA & Officials Meet To Discuss Flooding Issue

For those who have ever been in or around the Long Island Rail Road’s Mineola station and its intermodal center, you would know how susceptible it is to flooding during heavy periods of rain. Recently officials from the town & LIRR met to discuss the problem. Rich Forestano of Mineola American has more:

MTA/LIRR and Mineola representatives recently met to discuss a possible solution to the flooding that takes place during heavy rainfall near the Mineola Train Station and its intermodal center. Mineola Mayor Jack Martins was at the meeting, but details of the meeting are unknown at this time.

Martins has discussed the flooding issue at recent board meetings as follows.

Martins said flooding has been a topic of discussion for years and both parties are looking for a potential solution. There has not been much flooding in Station Plaza North, but there has been along the southwest side of Winthrop University Hospital.

“I know that the railroad has already retained engineers to study the drainage issues in the area and I will look forward to the Railroad providing the resources necessary to address the issues in that area,” Martins said.

The notion of using taxpayer money to fix the flooding issue is not something the Village Board wants to utilize. Martins feels the Railroad has a responsibility to remedy the situation.

“That’s how I feel and that’s how it should be,” Martins said. “I’ve told them a few times that I loathe the idea of using taxpayers money to foot the bill of the drainage issue. It’s an area that’s exclusively used by the MTA and LIRR for access to the usage of their facilities like the train platform. They have a responsibility to absorb these expenses. It’s incumbent on them to realize the commitment the village has made towards the railroad and reciprocate with addressing those issues accordingly.”

The Department of Public Works recently completed the finishing touches on Station Plaza North. Martins said the flooding issue was the next phase of the project that needs immediate attention.

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I have spoken with a few friends of mine who frequent the station & the elevator issue has been one of the first complaints I have heard. When the plans were first made for this station, was this flooding issue even addressed? From the sounds of it, I would say it was not. Hopefully all parties involved can quickly come up with sustainable solutions & get them in place as soon as possible.

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