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MTA Puts Nearly 1000 Security Cameras Online

About two months ago, a story came out about how the MTA wasted $21.3 million on non-recordable security cameras in a number of stations. As expected, some elected officials took the chance to jump on the MTA about this fiasco & use the time tested card of “security” to hide their real intention, to score […]

MTA To Use Technicality To Screw Over A Man?

Did the MTA use a technicality to screw over a man who had his vehicle damaged in accident caused by a MTA bus? This might be the case according to an exclusive report by NY1. Avraham Cohen’s car was damaged by a MTA Bus in Times Square to the tune of $3800. Ever since the […]

LIRR To Launch Jury Duty Special

In what comes as a bit of news to me, it seems that there is a niche rider market that needed some service to match their needs. The market in question is the unknown amount of people needing to get to Riverhead for jury duty. After having discussions with Suffolk County officials & analyzing the […]

MTA & Transit Wireless To Try Again

Almost 3 years ago, one of the biggest news involving the NYC Subway was the MTA’s intention to try & bring cell & wi-fi service to hundreds of subway stations. The agency had announced a deal with consortium Transit Wireless to wire 6 stations in 2 years. If the initial agreement worked out, they would […]

LIRR Sees A Rise In Cashless Riders

For regular Long Island Rail Road riders, it is known that the best way to ride is to buy your tickets in advance. When you don’t & have to buy them on the train, you pay an even more inflated cost for a service that is already priced too high. However let me not digress […]