MTA Puts Nearly 1000 Security Cameras Online

About two months ago, a story came out about how the MTA wasted $21.3 million on non-recordable security cameras in a number of stations. As expected, some elected officials took the chance to jump on the MTA about this fiasco & use the time tested card of “security” to hide their real intention, to score constituent brownie points.

Fast forward to the present where due to a $22 million rush job, the agency has put nearly 1000 of the cameras online. Yepoka Yeebo of DNAInfo has more in this brief report:

Nearly 1,000 broken subway security cameras are now working thanks to a $22 million rush repair job, but one-fourth of the 4,313 cameras on the whole subway system still remain offline, the MTA said on Wednesday.

The broken cameras had politicians fuming after a report revealed that the MTA had spent $21.3 million on a network of security cameras, most of which didn’t work.

MTA repairmen worked steadily to repair the cameras after Gov. David Paterson called every broken camera “a grim invitation to crime in the subway,” AM New York reported.

Now, more than 900 fare control cameras are watching over turnstiles at 31 stations around the city, according to an MTA spokesman. The only cameras of this kind still not working are at the 7th Avenue stop on the E line.

Plans to fix the remaining cameras are still being made, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told

I will save myself the time of repeating myself as my views were clearly expressed in the entry referenced in the first paragraph.

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