MTA To Use Technicality To Screw Over A Man?

Did the MTA use a technicality to screw over a man who had his vehicle damaged in accident caused by a MTA bus? This might be the case according to an exclusive report by NY1. Avraham Cohen’s car was damaged by a MTA Bus in Times Square to the tune of $3800. Ever since the accident, he has been getting the run around from the MTA. Susan Jhun has more:

Brooklyn resident Avraham Cohen says his car did not have a chance when it was hit by an Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus in Times Square, resulting in $3,800 worth of damage.

“It was apparent to everybody that it was the bus’s fault, and the police report reflected that as well,” says Cohen. “The police report said the bus was coming out of his lane and sideswiped my car.”

Cohen claims an MTA supervisor came to the scene, acknowledged the accident was caused by the bus and gave him a number to call to start the claims process.

After calling the MTA, Cohen says he got a voicemail asking him to leave his information and wait 10 days for paperwork to be sent to him. Cohen says 10 days turned into a month, as the clock was ticking down on his 90-day deadline to file his paperwork.

“I had basically a month left to put all this paperwork together, get an estimate, get it notarized, send it to them and whatever,” says Cohen. “And at my office I have FedEx, so I sent it overnight, I got it to them within two days of the deadline. And I got a letter back from them in a couple of days saying, ‘Sorry, you didn’t send it to us via registered or certified mail, therefore we’re disallowing your claim.'”

Cohen resent the information through registered and certified mail, but got another letter stating the claim was now disallowed because it was past the due date.

Click here for the complete report.

I understand that policies are in place for various reasons & I am all for them being followed. However at the same time, a case by case evaluation is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Why is Avraham being punished for the MTA’s ineptitude of getting him the necessary paperwork? Clearly he should not be & hopefully the agency does right by him as anything less would be completely unacceptable.

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