Malcolm Smith: State Budget Is The Top Priority

The countdown to the MTA possibly approving to enact their “doomsday scenario” is only 5 days away. The lives of millions would be affected by this scenario becoming a reality. However besides repeated warnings about this, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has let it be known where this transit emergency ranks in the to-do list. According to him, having a new state budget in place is his top priority. Glenn Blain of the New York Daily News has more in this report:

A rescue plan to save straphangers from huge fare hikes and drastic service cuts may have to take a backseat to a new state budget.

With just days to go before the MTA adopts its doomsday budget, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith said his top priority was a new state budget – not a transit bailout.

“If we can get everything done, I am sure we will, but there’s 19 million people that are concerned about that budget,” Smith told reporters after meeting Thursday with Gov. Paterson and other legislative leaders.

The Queens Democrat said he wouldn’t speculate on whether the Senate would act before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board meets Wednesday to adopt its grim budget.

The state budget is due April 1.

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His sentiment does not come as a surprise to me. It has been clear from the get go that Malcolm either did not care about the importance of this issue or give a damn about it. This is the same man who questioned the MTA’s deadline even though they are required to pass a balanced budget as well. As each hour goes by, the prospects of the riding public being saved from doomsday is becoming less likely. When this becomes a reality, remember to direct your anger towards Albany & not the MTA.

I think you should start planning your budget for more transportation expenses. While you are it, allot a portion for aspirin purchases. The personal use of them will skyrocket when you start dealing with the new service levels that will be in place. When you get angry about this

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Haha, I remember when Albany told the MTA they would help them if they asked for it, twice. They didn’t help last year nor will they help this year! As far as Malcom Smith goes, wow, I knew he was dumb but I had no idea how bad it was…

Hello Peter,

You bring up an excellent point on that failed promise. This unfortunately is to be expected from our “so called leaders”. I will be excited to see them prove us wrong but I am not holding out much hope for that happening.

Why can’t they have 2 budgets ? One for the MTA AND one for the city?

Hello Abba,

Pretty much in one way or another, everything is connected. It would not be possible to have separate budgets for each as both would depend on figures from the other.

I hope they come up with something better in time but like you, I’m not expecting them to.

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