MTA Financial News Coming From All Sides

The news has been coming fast from all directions over the last few days as, we inch closer & closer to the possible passing of the doomsday scenario. We had Congressman Anthony Weiner come up with one of the most idiotic proposals I have read or heard in quite some time. This is coming from someone who thinks Anthony does a good job & tries hard. However I have to call it like I see it on this one. Sorry Anthony but trying to make $391 million make up what is almost a $2 billion dollar deficit won’t work.

If this was not bad enough, we have a number of democrats refusing to support any sort of plan that includes tolls. You know that I believe in both drivers & transit riders being treated equally & fairly. Even though the Ravitch Commission plans were not as good as they could have been, they are better than seeing a doomsday scenario enacted or any of the other plans proposed. So having key democrats holding out against implementing his proposals due to their own so-called beliefs of fairness, does not bold well for so many.

However it doesn’t end there as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith questioned whether the MTA was bluffing with the March 25th deadline. I need to contact Malcolm & tell him the big secret many of us know, the MTA is not really in a financial crisis. This is a big game the MTA is playing & so many of us transit advocates & bloggers are playing along. Can someone tell me how this jackass got elected again. Whoever voted for this clown should be ashamed of themselves as he is just another clueless idiot who can give two shits about the MTA & the millions they serve.

The beat goes on & on from all sides. Regardless of what side you are on, one thing is clear. The MTA is not playing a game about the March 25th deadline. This is not some alternate reality where we will wake up & realize things are not as bad as many claim it is. The MTA is in a huge whole mainly due to Albany’s neglect coupled with the decisions made by the last regime. Either Albany starts the right the years of many wrongs or millions all over this region will get the ultimate screwjob in the not so distant future.

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So do yo think there will be a bailout?

Hello Abba,

To be honest with you, I would not be surprised to see a legitimate bailout not come to fruition. Since this is Albany we are talking about, if they come up with anything, it will be a band-aid type solution. We both know that a band-aid won’t help heal major wounds.

I’ts ashame cause here it looked like a bailout was likely

Yes, it is Abba. I think it is ridiculous that it has ever needed to come to this. If Albany gave a damn, this issue would not even be occurring. Unfortunately this is the status quo & has been for sometime.

Hopefully under what is still fairly new leadership, the MTA can change the negative relationship it has had with Albany.

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