1 Line Service Affected By Rehab Work Until 2012

Riders who depend on the 1 in Upper Manhattan & the Bronx will have to brace for some major interruptions due to rehabilitation work that will last until 2012. The main focus of the work will be at the Dyckman Street station. However work will also be done at the 207th, 215th, 225th, 238th and 242nd St stations. Mike Jaccarino of the New York Daily News has more:

The IRT No. 1 line is going to be straphangers’ No. 1 pain.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is planning a host of station closures and service interruptions along the line over the next two years as it undertakes a large rehabilitation project.

Work will center on Inwood’s Dyckman St. station, where the MTA will restore the station wall, replace stairs, repair the ceiling and rebuild the platform.

The tracks through the entire station will also be replaced.

The station will be closed for 10 months on the northbound side from September through June 2011.

Then the southbound platform will close from next July through August 2012.

Riders will either have to walk to the next station or ride back to Dyckman St. on the opposite platform, the MTA said.

“The work that we will be doing at Dyckman … is essential to make needed repairs and enhance the station environment,” said Deirdre Parker, an MTA spokeswoman.

At the same time, the MTA will be working in the Bronx on the canopies and platforms of the stations at 207th, 215th, 225th, 238th and 242nd Sts. It also plans to repair the stairs at the 207th and 225th St. stations.

These renovations will require sporadic weekend closures, yet to be determined, between September and August 2012, transit officials said.

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I am glad that they are finally getting around to doing work at these stations. The Dyckman Street station in particular has been in dire need of repair for sometime now. While many in the area will complain about the inconvenience, it will benefit everyone greatly when all is said & done.

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Why has the MTA not posted this proposed construction at the stations? I don’t understand this fully. Will there be any service at 231st Street or just interrupted service?
This service interruption does not appear on the MTA Planned Service Interruption site. Is it a secret? Exactly when does this change occur. This is really big and important, but my neighbors don’t know a thing about it!

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Need a single express track tunnel from Dyckman Street to connect with the 3rd track at 145 th street
that would be a huge advncement for the # 1 line

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