Congestion Pricing Has Nine Lives

Just when I thought that the bullshit congestion pricing plan was buried, comes the news that it has nine lives! This is due to Gov. David Patterson who found Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan to be “unique and well thought out.” He said this in an exclusive interview with CBS-2 New York. Here is Jay Dow’s report:

If you thought congestion pricing hit a red light, think again. The controversial plan is getting new life.

Congestion pricing seems to have more lives than an alley cat. After state legislators shot down the plan in April, it’s returned – put back in play by Gov. David Paterson, who in an exclusive interview with CBS 2 said, “I thought Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan was unique and well thought out.”

Charging a fee to drivers who enter Manhattan’s central business district during peak travel times was, and still is a clear way to generate revenue according to Richard Ravitch, who chairs an independent MTA funding commission set up by Gov. Paterson.

“The idea of raising revenue through the use of automobiles in this city is something that would have to be considered as one of many options,” said Ravitch.

But it’s going to be a tough sell. For budget conscious drivers, congestion pricing remains a bad idea.

“I hate it. I can’t take it,” said Brian Doherty of Queens.

“Bad idea. I can’t afford it. It’s that simple,” added Jim Spencer of Stamford, Conn.

The first meeting of the Ravitch Commission is Wednesday, and sources tell CBS 2 HD because congestion pricing got such a bad rap. They may end up calling it something else.

My thoughts on this have not changed from what I posted in the past. I find it pathetic if they truly try to pass off this “saving grace” sham under a new name. Do they really think we are idiots & would not realize it is the same plan if nothing is changed? I am curious to see what the Ravitch Commission comes up with in terms of financial solutions for the MTA. Lets hope it is something that would legitimately help & not rob from Peter to pay Paul.

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