Editorial On MTA Funding

Today’s edition of the morning newspaper Metro has an excellent editorial by Neil deMause on MTA funding. Here is his piece: As if New Yorkers hadn’t been beset by enough bad news of late — foreclosures going through the roof, “The Real World” filming its next season in Brooklyn — last week the MTA chimed […]

The MTA Is In Deep Doodoo

This sentiment was shared by a member of a panel which met this past Thursday to discuss post congestion pricing solutions for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Em Whitney of the New York Observer filed this report: Last night at the New York Blood Center auditorium on the Upper West Side, Assemblyman Micah Kellner moderated […]

Mayor Bloomber Promises To Help GOP

So it seems Mayor Bloomberg is like an everyday person after all. This revelation stems from his promise to help the GOP due to their support on his failed congestion pricing plan. Kenneth Lovett & Kathleen Lucadamo from the New York Daily News has this report: Mayor Bloomberg is paying back New York Republicans for […]

Congestion Pricing Has Nine Lives

Just when I thought that the bullshit congestion pricing plan was buried, comes the news that it has nine lives! This is due to Gov. David Patterson who found Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan to be “unique and well thought out.” He said this in an exclusive interview with CBS-2 New York. Here is Jay […]