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LIRR Construction Cancellation

The Long Island Railroad has canceled a planned construction project for this weekend. The project was to interrupt service for westbound trains to & from the St. Albans station. The LIRR had planned to offer alternative service via vans. However with the project being canceled for this weekend, trains will operate on their normal weekend […]

600 Subway Cars Will Soon Be Sleeping With The Fishes

The MTA has reached an agreement to send 600 more subway cars to go sleeping with the fishes. The plan has the MTA send these cars which are used as underwater reefs for sea animals & divers. The MTA Board approved the $6.3 million dollar contract which will send cars mainly from the C & […]

D Train You’re Up

I forgot to post this the other day when I noticed the graphic change on the MTA’s website. The graphic was changed a few days ago to show what lines are up for grading now. The D train was added as the third of three trains to be graded now. The D now joins the […]

Speaking Of Metrocard Machines, The MTA Wants New Ones…

The MTA must really being eating its oats lately as they are going full speed ahead in so many different directions. This latest direction is their idea of looking for the next generation technology for their Metrocard machines. They are looking to award a study contract by the end of this year. The study contract […]

MTA To Help Low Income Riders?

According to MTA CEO Elliot Sander this is the case. Earlier today he said that the city & MTA have held preliminary discussions on an “innovative card” that is meant to help low income riders who do not own a bank account. This breaking news was mentioned about Mr. Sander was asked how low income […]