Speaking Of Metrocard Machines, The MTA Wants New Ones…

The MTA must really being eating its oats lately as they are going full speed ahead in so many different directions. This latest direction is their idea of looking for the next generation technology for their Metrocard machines. They are looking to award a study contract by the end of this year. The study contract would last one year & enable the winning bidder to study options from transit systems all over the globe. The current machines which amount to over 1600 machines have been in operation since 1998.

Now here is where I must ask a legitimate question. What is the point to this study? Last I checked the MTA was really into the possibility of making the system smart card enabled. Wouldn’t the possible investment into new Metrocard Machines or MVM’s for short be a waste of money in the long run? Maybe they can’t make up their mind which would be nothing new from this bumbling agency.

I feel sorry for Elliot Sander sometimes as he has a really long road ahead of him to change the perception of the MTA throughout the state.

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