MTA To Help Low Income Riders?

According to MTA CEO Elliot Sander this is the case. Earlier today he said that the city & MTA have held preliminary discussions on an “innovative card” that is meant to help low income riders who do not own a bank account. This breaking news was mentioned about Mr. Sander was asked how low income riders without bank accounts could afford a fare increase.

Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs had this to say about the “innovative card”:

“Whether it’s public transportation or bank accounts, the Mayor’s Center for Economic Opportunity is always exploring new ways to ensure the same access to critical services that people with higher incomes take for granted, recognizing that every extra cent counts.”

She also went on to say “”We have had very preliminary discussions with the MTA on strategies to help the working poor better access discounts the MTA affords frequent travelers.”

Mr. Sander claims the MTA thought about low income riders when they came up with their two fare hike proposals.

Call me crazy but doesn’t the MTA have more legitimate concerns to deal with? This might sound harsh but I must state how I feel. While I do not have actual data in front of me, I am 100% positive that a majority of “low income riders” are illegal citizens in this country. So tell me why does the MTA & government as a whole continue to cater to people who are here illegally? This really pisses me off when I see attention & energy being wasted on illegal immigrants when actual citizens have their own needs that get overlooked.

Great job MTA & NYC, continue to hand out assistance to those who do not deserve it!

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