TWU Slams MTA Plan For No Raises

The issue of the MTA not offering raises to blue collar employees first became public four days ago due to an exclusive report by the New York Daily News’ Pete Donohue. He followed that up with a report which talked about the MTA’s intention to lay out this proposal at a meeting on Tuesday. Now Crain’s has picked up the story with a report of the TWU slamming the MTA for planning to put raises this year on ice. Daniel Massey has more in this report:

The Transport Workers Union fired back Friday at a Metropolitan Transportation Authority plan to shelve 1.5% raises this year by calling for a formal investigation into the agency’s finances.

“For sure the MTA is in deep financial trouble and the economic downturn has played a big role in this situation,” the statement read. “But we believe that the evidence is also clear that hundreds of millions of dollars has been wasted and misdirected at the discretion of the agency.”

The TWU called on the City Council and state legislature to conduct hearings on the MTA’s finances as soon as possible. The union cited $350 million in cost overruns at the Fulton Street Transit Center and the MTA’s handling of interest-rate-sensitive dealings, such as variable-rate debt. It also said the agency’s investment program and pension-fund allocations deserve scrutiny.

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The TWU is taking the correct stance for the workforce they represent. While public sentiment will be hard to come by if at all, this does not change the fact that they make some excellent points about the MTA’s wasteful ways. The one point I will bring up is that they have improved in this area under the leadership of CEO/Executive Director Elliot Sander & MTA Board Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger. However when you are engaging in a P.R. war as part of your tactical process, you focus on the facts that support your side.

I will say that I disagree with the TWU boycotting the meeting as creating more tension between both sides does no one any good. Before both parties conclude on a solution, they should see what Albany will come up with in terms of a financial aid package. While I have my doubts of any long term sustainable solution coming from them anytime soon, they might as well take a short term wait & see approach.

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While I have the a lot of respect for transit workers, there are a lot of them out there who are taking advantage. In Queens especially many bus drivers play “games” with each other and it has to stop. I’m not one who gets upset with buses who pull out while I’m running for it, it does however get on my absolute nerves when I get to the bus stop 5 minutes before it scheduled to come and I see it fly by. Then the the next bus is 5 minutes late and crowded because they have to pick up everyone his leader left behind. This is most visible with the MTA Bus routes and some of the drivers are so proud of it they claim they do it until the MTA gives them a contract. I understand they don’t have a contract but seriously, get over it, you’re still getting paid rather well!

I say no to pay raise even if there was money available, the drivers I know who are happy working at the MTA are the ones who often tell me they’re happy without a raise and that they get paid enough. So I’m pulled towards no raise for now!

No raises? Boo-hoo. I work in a top law firm and we had no raises this year. We are glad to still be employed. Where do they think raises would come from???


I do not really know many who handle the MTA Bus routes. I am sorry that is happening to you. What is your opinion on the percentage of employees who are taking advantage? I honestly feel those who fit the bill are the minority in this case. I feel the same way in terms of those who are happy with their salary.


The sentiment you echo is what I alluded to in terms of the P.R. battle with the general public. I can understand why many would feel the way you do. With the economy being in the state it is in, it is hard to sell the “we deserve raises” mantra to those who work just as hard & are not receiving any or extremely scaled back versions if they do.

you work 4 years with out a raise peter , im a mta bus driver, it makes u crazy u make less then ta ,oa,we do the same work as them, all mta bus workers want is equal pay.

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