TWU Protests Outside Of MTA Chairman’s Condo

Once again the battle lines between the MTA & Transport Workers Union Local 100 (TWU Local 100) has heated up. This go around once again features TWU members protesting MTA CEO & Board Chairman Jay H. Walder outside of his condo on Central Park West & 96th Street. Jen Chung of Gothamist has more:

Last month, it was reported that MTA Chairman Jay Walder had purchased a $1.6 million condo at Central Park West and 96th Street. The three-bedroom abode is near five subways (the B/C and 1/2/3), not to mention a number of buses, which makes it easy for Transit Workers Union members to protest! TWU Local 100 president John Samuelson told the Daily News that Walder’s pricey home, high salary and vacation home in France “demonstrates he’s a rich elitist completely out of touch with New York City transit workers and riders.”

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Once again I have to question the wisdom of TWU Local 100 President John Sameulsen in regards to focusing such a major portion of his attack/defense on Jay’s salary. As I noted in May, he is engaging in a clear battle of populism that he just can’t win.

I also noted in that same entry how comparing the salary of his members to Jay’s is comparing apples to oranges. Truth be told, Jay’s salary is quite low on the wage front compared to similar CEO positions whether in the public or private sector considering his responsibilities. When you compare his salary to all CEO’s, the gap widens even more.

This is not the argument that TWU leadership & its members should be engaging in. Instead of picketing outside his condo, why not do so outside the residents of the elected officials throughout the region who have shortchanged the MTA for decades. The problems they face go a long way back & have zero to do with Jay.

The time to stop engaging in wasteful protests is now & focus on the real issues & culprits at hand. While I have not agreed with all of his decisions, I do know that he is not the “Public Enemy #1” that the TWU is trying to make him out to be.

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