Typical Lawsuit Stupidity

Yes, I am way behind on blogging. What else is new from yours truly? I said 2007 would be different & will be so give me some time! Anyhow let me start catching up by commenting on the typical lawsuit stupidity that is coming to a courthouse near you.

The parents of the 13 year old who got killed by a LIRR train while trespassing are planning to sue the MTA, LIRR, & the city of New York for the death of their son. Here is a New York Daily News article about it:

The grieving family of a 13-year-old Queens boy struck and killed by a commuter train blamed the Long Island Rail Road yesterday for his death, saying it should have done more to block access to the tracks.

Ari Kraft was spray-painting graffiti on signal equipment with friends at 5:40 p.m. Friday when he dashed across LIRR tracks near his Rego Park home Friday night, sources said.

He narrowly beat an oncoming train on the third of four tracks he had to cross, but that train blocked his view of another train approaching on the fourth track, sources said.

“My son was the most wonderful kid in the world,” his father, Roger Kraft, a computer programmer, said yesterday. “I just want to be left alone to mourn my son.”

Family friend and attorney Daniella Levi said the family plans to sue the MTA, the LIRR and New York City once it finishes sitting shiva for the boy.

“It’s a terrible loss and tragedy, a loss that should have been prevented had the railroad safeguarded the track,” Levi said. “He had a lot of dreams and hopes, like any other teenager. We want to make sure that no other family goes through something like this.”

LIRR spokeswoman Susan McGowan said the railroad was still investigating how Ari got onto the tracks. She said the railroad tries to block access to its 700 miles of tracks.

Ari was an eighth-grader at Solomon Schechter School of Queens, where his Israeli-born mother, Yaffa Simantov, works as a secretary.

“It’s the biggest tragedy there could be,” Ari’s neighbor Zima Fridman, 42, said of the boy’s death. “I couldn’t sleep at all last night.”

Ari hoped to attend The Bronx High School of Science or Stuyvesant High School this fall. He used the graffiti tag “Kos” and may have taken pictures of his work just before he died, sources said. MTA police recovered a cell phone at the scene and were checking if it had pictures by Ari or his friends.

Friends said Ari was heading home for Sabbath dinner when he was killed. MTA Police Chief Kevin McConville said trains typically run slightly slower than the 40 mph speed limit on that stretch of track.

“Our heart goes out to the family, and to the engineer, who’s very upset by this,” he said. “The engineer did everything in his power to try to avoid it.”

Well where do I begin? Oh yes, fuck you assholes. The prior comment goes to the money hungry Jews who are looking to cash in on their son’s illegal actions. The justice system is great when idiots like these two can go & waste the court’s time with a ridiculous lawsuit.

I know their argument will be that the LIRR failed to protect their property. My issue is about basic common sense. No one in their right mind goes near train tracks to walk along/on, horse around, or destroy them. Their son decides to show no common sense & does all 3 & it is the LIRR’s fault he died?

The LIRR shouldn’t have to put a fence on every square inch of track to cover up common sense. I’m hoping any judge or jury will see through this nonsense & reward a lack of common sense with exactly 0 dollars!

The world is quite sad when it is routine for people to try & achieve financial gain from the death of loved ones.

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u r so right those people r fucking assholes i lived like 2 blocks from the tracks fucking idiots there doing this to prevent this from happening to other families my ass there cheap ass jews who r greedy for money fuck them

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