Towards the end of July, The Straphangers Campaign released their annual “State of the Subways” report card. Just a quick question, why release a 2007 report when only a little over half the year has gone by? Anyhow, I call bullshit on their report card.

There is no way, the 1 is the best rated line in the system. I’ve ridden that line many times since I was a kid. I also know people who ride it daily. More times than not, I hear a bunch of complaints. Most of the complaints stem from inconsistent service. Now if many people are feeling this way & justifiably so, how did the Straphangers not pick up on this?

One issue I have always noticed with the 1 is that one minor delay anywhere along the line can screw up the entire line. These delays seem to happen more often than not so there is no way this is the best line in the system. I also call bullshit on how the 6 train is #4! The 6 train should be no lower than 2nd, & quite frankly it should be first. I am very impressed with the 6 as a whole & rarely have a complaint about the service it provides.

As far as the worst line goes, I see the C & W tied for the dubious honor. I do not ride the C much so I don’t have a lot of experience. However I did ask others who depend on it & many don’t disagree. The usual complaint I heard is about long droughts in arrivals. This is definitely a complaint I am used to hearing especially from local riders in Brooklyn.

The W in my opinion is getting a bum rap. First off it is not a full time line & it really is nothing more than a little helper to the N. In my opinion the W does its job well providing extra service in key spots especially in Astoria. If any train should be rated the worse, it would be the R! There is a reason why many say the R stands for “Rarely”!

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