Subway Cell Service To Improve Tracking

Today’s edition of the New York Post has an article about the future cell phone service that will be introduced to subway stations.  According to the report once the service is installed, 911 operators will be able to pinpoint your location in a station more accurately than if you were on street level.

Senator Chuck Schumer feels  “This is something that should have been resolved years ago”. He also went on to say that If your cellphone can be located in the bowels of the subway, there is no reason we can’t do it above ground, too . . . The feds and the cellphone companies need to get this program up and running as soon as possible.”

According to Dianet Communications President Jeff Just, “Subway stations will be equipped with a large number of signal amplifiers, each covering a much tinier area than the far more powerful cell towers above ground”.  Here is more of what he had  to say:

“Above ground, 911 callers can be located either by global positioning systems installed in the phone or by triangulating the signal from multiple towers. The more powerful the amplifier, the greater the coverage and the less specificity,” Just said. “What we have done in our design is a little atypical – distributing the signal to the small areas covered by each amplifier.” The system will be able to pinpoint where the 911 caller is currently calling from down to the actual platform & which end of it. According to Mr. Just, “The specificity will vary depending on the software each wireless provider is using.”

As previously stated this system sounds like a good idea for our system especially considering how the MTA is reaping huge benefits from it. I can’t wait to have this system in place throughout the entire system. I am curious if low income neighborhoods will be the last to get their stations taken care of. However that topic will probably be addressed in another entry at a later date.

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