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Monday’s edition of the New York Post featured an article about the two proposed fare hikes. The article had a catchy title which was “MTA WON’T TREAT ALL RIDERS FARE-LY.” The article broke down how the two tiered fare hike proposal would not be fair to all riders. However the biggest hit of the article might be the online fare hike calculator that was created.

I first read about this article & calculator in an entry written by The Subway Blogger. The calculator is merely nothing more than a table with a built in drop down menu. However Benjamin Kubak’s Second Avenue Sagas does make an excellent point about how this calculator could be used as a nice cheat sheet for those attending the meeting.

Personally I happen to agree with The Subway Blogger in saying that fare hike option #1 is better. I like him are an avid purchaser of unlimited monthly Metrocards. The last thing I would want to do is support a proposal that increases my cost to help the least amount of riders. The fact that proposal #2 helps the least amount of people is reason enough not to support it. Passing on the extra cost to unlimited monthly Metrocard users as myself is the icing on the cake.

Down with fare hike proposal #2!!!!!

One last thing that has me scratching my head. Why did the MTA not schedule a meeting to be located in Suffolk County. Many LIRR riders reside in Suffolk as well & deserve their own hearing just like those in Nassau.

For those wondering, I do plan on attending at least one of the hearings depending on my schedule. The most convenient hearing would be the one at Lehman College. If I can’t make that one, I will attend the hearing either in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens.

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