Redrawn Plan Unveiled For Moynihan Station

Yesterday redrawn plans were unveiled for the proposed Moynihan Station. The plans also included a new Madison Square Garden, & office buildings which would reside at the current location for Madison Square Garden. The plans were met with a great amount of support from local officials & advocacy groups even though the plans did not contain many specifics. The plans are currently up for public comment on the Empire State Development Corporation’s Web site.

Here are some comments about the proposed plans:

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Dan Doctoroff – “The potential for the underutilized area around and west of the current Penn Station has been talked about for decades. Now we are on the cusp of transforming it into one of New York City’s most vibrant districts.”

Partnership for New York City President Kathryn Wylde – “It’s a much clearer and realistic approach than the original. What they’ve come up with is much more practical, considering our future transportation needs.”

Daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Maura Moynihan – “After years of false starts and delays, we cannot let optimism slip. It’s time to build Moynihan Station well and build it now.”

However there are some who question the current project & the execution of it. This comment sums up what many feel who are currently on the fence about the project:

“Municipal Art Society President Kent Barwick – “It seems like they are not finished doing the planning, but are starting the process anyway. They didn’t put forth enough for people to really be able to understand what the project is all about. There is an enormous amount at stake here.”

Honestly I do question the project myself. While I understand that Penn Station is in major need of upgrades to its infrastructure to better handle transportation needs for today & the future, we need to make sure this is the best course of action. We do not need to rush into something that can backfire in the face of everyone from elected officials down to the commuters such a plan is supposed to help. Also we can’t forget that the city must still convince the Dolan family to sell the land MSG sits on & move west for 1-2 blocks.

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