MTA Vows To Improve Storm Performance

Today the MTA put out a press release in relation to its performance during the August 8th storm that crippled mass transit throughout NYC. The report which was submitted to Gov. Spitzer today focuses on how the storm caught them off guard & the changes they plan on implementing. Here are a few sections of the report:

To directly address these issues, the MTA will pursue a series of improvements in operations, engineering and communications. Operationally, Doppler radar is being installed in each agency’s operations center, an MTA-wide Emergency Response Center has been created, and new storm protocols will be put in place to guide alternative service.

To begin implementing these solutions, the MTA has committed $30 million to fund initiatives that can be put into place quickly. Just as importantly, the MTA will quantify the costs of the longer-term capital fixes needed to permanently prepare the system for operating in future storms and communicating with customers in all types of emergencies. These initiatives will be considered for inclusion in the MTA’s expedited Capital Program, due to be presented to the State Legislature early next year.

Create Early Warning and Response Capability – The MTA agencies will collaborate on a common and redundant weather forecasting system/capability and install Doppler radar monitoring in all agency operations centers. This will allow pre-deployment of operating personnel when potentially threatening weather is indicated. (30 days)

To see the full release, click here.

I have a bone to pick with the MTA. Why did it take a major storm to implement such changes? How many times has the MTA performed poorly during rainstorms? The number is so high, I have lost count. One would think that the MTA would learn to be more proactive instead of reactive with this issue. I understand that the MTA is not fully to blame as far as floods go. We all know that a good percentage of straphangers are also to blame with the littering of our system. However this does not change the fact that the MTA should have severely fixed this issue years ago!

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