MTA Says The Price Is Not Right!

Yesterday the MTA announced that there might be a delay in the creation of a Long Island Railroad terminal at Grand Central. The announcement came after the MTA was not pleased with the lone bid it received for the contract to build the terminal. The MTA expected the bid to come in at approximately $670 million dollars. However the bid submitted by a joint venture between Judlau Contracting Inc. & Dragados totaled $870 million.

MTA Capital Construction President Mysore Nagaraja said this about the agency’s feeling on the bid; “We were not happy with the number.” He also went on to share his feelings on the lack of bids in relation to such a huge project by stating They’re not hungry.” He went on to say that the agency might consider splitting the project into several smaller contracts. He also acknowledged that he is wondering if a call for new bids would delay the project’s slated completion time of 2013.

You know what, I wouldn’t mind seeing this plan scrapped. I have felt all along that this project was not a necessity as it only helps a small minority of riders. The MTA as a whole should be focusing most of their attention on the upkeep & creation of new services & stations in relations to the NYC subway! If they were to get their business in order in those areas, I would then support projects that can help suburban commuters!

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