MTA Criticized For Its Plan To Cut Emergency Workers

3 days ago, I wrote about the MTA’s plan to eliminate an evacuation program along with approximately 100 emergency workers. As I & others expected, critics have come out panning the MTA’s plans. Yesterday, Manhattan Democrat Assemblyman Micah Kellner joined The Disabled Riders Coalition & the Straphangers Campaign in decrying the plan as they feel station personnel is needed for disabled riders when panic bars on emergency exits are broken.

As I stated in the entry linked above, I do agree with the MTA looking to cut this plan. However I will say I have some concern about the broken panic bar issue for disabled riders. I have noticed an increase in those panic bars being broken over the last 6 months. I feel that the main culprit is the continued misuse of emergency exits by lazy straphangers who are so desperate to save 5 seconds, that they use the exit instead of the turnstiles.

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