MTA Hands Out Medals Of Excellence To 16 Heroic Employees

Yesterday afternoon the MTA sent out a press release to announce that they were awarding “Medals of Excellence” to 16 heroic employees. Here is the press release:

MTA New York City Transit employees maintain a proud tradition of going above and beyond the call of duty in coming to the aid of customers and their fellow workers in time of trouble. Because some of these employees have risked their lives and well-being, 16 of them were honored today during a ceremony held at Transit’s headquarters.

This select group of employees was awarded Medals of Excellence in three distinct categories: Heroism, Commendation and Distinguished Service. For example, Hydraulic Maintainer Anthony Paterno was on his way to work on December 28, 2007 at the Broadway-Lafayette Street station when he heard frantic screams for help from a customer who had fallen onto an adjacent roadbed. Disregarding his own safety, he jumped onto the roadbed and helped the customer to safety. He was awarded a Heroism Medal for his swift and selfless act.

Similarly, Telephone Maintainer Luc Dubuisson and Signal Specialist Emilio Caldarola jumped to the roadbed to save a baby in a stroller after hearing the mother’s hysterical screams in the Atlantic Avenue station on January 30th. They were able to stop an approaching train just in time and retrieve the baby and stroller from the roadbed. They were also awarded Heroism Medals for their courageous actions.

Such heroic actions have placed these employees with 13 fellow NYC Transit workers who are being recognized for various acts.

“Each of the MTA’s 68,000 workers do an incredible job day in and day out moving nine million New Yorkers safely and conveniently,” said Elliot G. Sander, MTA Executive Director and CEO. “Today I am humbled to honor 16 MTA NYC Transit employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, risking their lives to help others. I am proud but not surprised that these heroes are MTA employees.”

NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. congratulated the Transit Workers for their bravery and quick-thinking efforts in rendering assistance to those in need and in preventing deaths on the tracks. “Our top priority has always been the safety of our customers and employees, and it makes me extremely proud to be the leader of an organization that employs such a team of selfless and dedicated workers,” Roberts said.

In all, six employees received Heroism awards, including Anthony Paterno, Luc Dubuisson and Emilio Caldarola mentioned above. Other Heroism award recipients were Cleaner Charles Tyler, who saved an intoxicated customer who had fallen onto the roadbed in the 3rd Avenue station of the L Line on March 25th by jumping down and helping him back up to the platform.

Power Maintainer Patrick Williams removed his colleague who had broken his leg while doing some work on the roadbed near the Church Avenue station on the F line on June 13th; this colleague was about twice his size and couldn’t walk, but Mr. Williams was able to move him away from danger until help arrived.

Bus Maintainer Robert Sturiale, while riding his motorcycle with a couple of friends on the Northern State Parkway on July 17th, happened upon a car accident and was able to remove the female driver from the car which had burst into flames.

Eight employees received commendation medals for their individual and collective efforts in seven incidents. These ranged from saving a suicidal female customer who was about to jump in front of an oncoming train to reuniting a lost 4-year-old boy with his family.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, two employees received distinguished service medals for their continued outstanding and efficient service to NYC Transit.

Nominations for potential honorees were sent to our Employee Recognition Program Committee, which selected today’s honored employees that met the committee’s criteria in the above mentioned categories.

I would like to take this time to salute these employees for going the extra mile to provide great service & heroic actions at the same time. Transit Blogger salute…..

xoxo Transit Blogger

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