LIRR Keeps Promise

Yesterday the Long Island Railroad started to deliver on its promise to communicate better with its customers. The agency unveiled five 60″ monitors at Penn Station. The purpose of the monitors is to keep riders informed of announcements, updates, & breaking news which was previously announced over loudspeaker. The monitors will also mirror information posted on the MTA’s website. There are plans for a 6th monitor to be installed later this month.

Some have already come up & expressed their satisfaction with the significant upgrade. Here are some comments:

Long Island Railroad Commuter Council President Gerald Bringmann – “I think it’s great. Our biggest complaint with these guys has been communication, or lack thereof. It’s nice to know there’s a good use for a 60-inch screen other than watching football.”

19 year old Glen Cove resident Rob Vogt – “You miss announcements all the time because you can’t hear anything in Penn Station.”

Long Island Railroad President Helena Williams chimed in with these comments:

“We wanted to do something that we consider a really important goal, which is to improve the customer service. Customers are better served by hearing and seeing information.”

The cost of installing these monitors throughout Penn Station totaled almost $100,000. According to LIRR President Helena Williams, the agency hopes to install these same monitors at their 2nd & 3rd busies stations, Jamaica & Flatbush/Atlantic Aves. respectively.

I say this was $100,000 well spent!

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