I Hope You Have Good Vision

So the new MTA Director Elliot “Lee” Sander plans to ride the subway to see what needs work. Here is a short story about it courtesy of NY1:

The MTA’s new executive director says he has got a plan to help him get a sense of what awaits him when he begins work.
Elliot “Lee” Sander says he plans to visit most of the major MTA facilities in the next two to three months.
He also plans to ride many of the lines.

Sander is a former city transportation commissioner.
He plans to make anti-terror efforts a priority.

Mr. Sander’s plan sounds nice & all but I hope it is not a PR stunt. I also hope the man has good vision so he can see the true condition of the NYC Subway. The line in the story that struck a chord was the mention of visiting the “major” MTA facilities.

The truth of the matter is the real problems are usually at the stations people don’t visit while doing PR tours. Just look at the condition of the 205th St terminal in the Bronx, the 21 St/Van Alst Ave, any of the stops along Sea Beach, etc… & you will see the sorry conditions employees & riders must deal with everyday. No matter what borough you are in, the horrible conditions stand out like an eyesore!

I hope while he is out riding many of the lines, he actually gets off & takes a look around. The truth can not always be seen while riding a train. The truth shows itself to those who really want to find it. Lets hope that with the new year comes a man who wants to find the truth & has good vision to boot!

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