The Mack Stops Here

Poor (well not really!) Mr. Mack, he can’t seem to win nowadays. He gets blasted for his rant about riding the Long Island Rail Road. Then comes the restriction on the use of his (& other board members) E-Z Pass tags & LIRR passes. This is followed up by news of the State Police wanting […]

One Year Later

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Helena Williams; Photo courtesy of the MTA Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News takes a look at Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Helena Williams first year on the job. Here is his report: Long Island Rail Road President Helena Williams has been fixated on the “Jamaica […]

MTA Sustainability Webinar Review

Earlier today, I took the time to watch & participate in the MTA’s Sustainability Webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to showcase some of their sustainability goals, initiatives, & practices. I found the webinar to be very informative in discussing what the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has already done & looks to do in the […]

You Can’t Be Serious!

I was browsing the Daily News website & spotted an article from transit reporter Pete Donohue which should be in this morning’s paper. The article’s content angered me as it couldn’t be real, could it? The article discussed the approval of a $10,000 raise to MTA CEO & Executive Director Elliot Sander. The raise will […]

Could Job Vacancies Stall Major Projects?

If you ask The Federal Transit Administration, they will tell you yes. This is according to what was writing in a report from April. Pete Donohue of the Daily News wrote an article about this report & here it is courtesy of the Daily News: The Federal Transit Administration is concerned that major MTA construction […]