MTA Sustainability Webinar Review

Earlier today, I took the time to watch & participate in the MTA’s Sustainability Webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to showcase some of their sustainability goals, initiatives, & practices. I found the webinar to be very informative in discussing what the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has already done & looks to do in the future to help further their sustainability goals.

One of the ideas that was discussed was platform doors. Readers of this blog know how I feel about them, if you do not, click here to read my feelings on them. The speakers pitched the benefits of the platform doors in terms of saving on energy costs. This prompted me to send in a question about them (which was answered first in the webinar). My question focused on whether or not the benefits of installing these doors would outweigh the safety concerns that would come from their installation.

Let me first say I appreciate the fact my question was answered. I do find it interesting that they felt the installation of these doors would help the crowding situation at stops such as the examples I gave in my question (Grand Central, Times Square, Lexington Ave; E, V, N, R, W). One of the reasons stated on how they would help with crowding was their effective use in other locations with major crowding. This would not be an issue for NYC riders as they would in a sense adapt to the changes easily.

No disrespect intended but I think too much credit is being given to the riding public in terms of manners. When it comes to riding mass transit in the tri-state area, the lack of common sense is never ending. I don’t know how taking away what little space is there now would not lead to even more stupidity being displayed. I’m all for saving energy & money in the long run but at what cost in the level of safety?

Overall the webinar went off without a hitch & I recommend that everyone check it out when it is posted in their webcast archive. When it is, I will post a link to it. In the meantime, I suggest reading “The Interim Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainability and the MTA” by clicking here.

By the way I apologize if the wording of my question seemed off. I did not phrase it as good as I could have. One last thing, it was quite interesting to hear them mention needing the funding to achieve their goals. Hopefully some politicians were listening/watching!

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