Subway Station Conditions Will Not Improve Anytime Soon

East 143rd St-St Mary's St station
Decrepit conditions like this at the East 143rd St-St. Mary’s St. station will continue to be a regular sight for straphangers. Resized photo courtesy of

Lets face it, subway stations for the most part are in horrible shape & absolutely disgusting to look at. Don’t think the MTA does not know how you feel or notice the terrible shape they are in as they do, at least NYC Transit President Howard Roberts Jr. does. Unfortunately we straphangers better get used to it as the fixing up of these stations is a long way off according to Mr. Roberts. Angela Montefinise, Kathianne Boniello, & Jordan Edwards of the New York Post has the story:

The head of New York City Transit acknowledges that less than a quarter of the Big Apple’s subway stations are in acceptable condition – and says the agency is an “unbelievably long distance” from bringing the rest up to par, even with higher fares.

“There’s not anything out there that anybody is very proud of,” NYC Transit President Howard Roberts Jr. told The Post in a wide-ranging interview about the fundamental problems plaguing the city’s 468 subway stations as the agency slashes its budget and talks about raising fares twice more in the coming three years.

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I have seen these conditions all over the subway since I was a kid. When I was younger, I thought it was just a temporary down period & our stations would eventually look as they should. Unfortunately I like any other kid was naive or even a dreamer. Our system is in horrible shape & I wonder if we will ever be able to be proud to call this ours.

The bottom line is Mr. Roberts is right about these changes being a long way off unless our elected officials are willing to help adequately found the MTA as they should. When I say help fund the system, I mean through legitimate means & not the ridiculous congestion pricing. I’m sure we will hear or read the rallying calls for it. I still ask any blogger, elected official, transit advocate, etc…to prove how congestion pricing is nothing but a modernized version of “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.” Maybe I can give them a little more time to craft their b.s. response.

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