Renovations Far Off For Many Subway Stations

When accidents such as the one that occurred Sunday night at the 181st Street station on the 1 happen, the media usually focuses on the problem & looks to see if it is present elsewhere. So the piece in today’s New York Post comes as no surprise as they have uncovered other stations with similar water damage. The alarming part of their piece is centered around the fact that only a handful are scheduled for repair within the next 5 years. Anna Maria Jakubek, Amber Sutherland, & Tom Namako have more:

The ceilings of several subway stations that last year were found to be riddled with water damage are still not scheduled for repair, The Post has learned. The findings come just three days after a bricks lining the 181st Street station rained down on the platform, tracks, and a No. 1 train. The Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee in 2008 gave 16 stations an “F” grade for water-leakage problems. Only three of them are scheduled for renovations over the next five years.

“I’m very concerned about it,” said Andrew Albert, an MTA board member. “It makes me wonder if stations are being renovated on basis of need, or if they’re being clustered on certain lines so they can all be done faster at once.”

Albert said he’s seen water “cause columns at some stations in The Bronx to bulge out . . . It’s decades of neglect.”

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None of the information in this report comes as a surprise. Anyone who rides the subway notices that the majority of stations are nowhere close to being in a state of good repair. Even the alarming fact that only a handful are up for repair in the next 5 years creates little shock. The conditions have been rampant for years mainly due to a lack of money so it unfortunately has been par for the course. There are many reasons why things never change & many lead right back to the fundamental issue of adequate funding or in this case lack thereof.

Instead of politicians such as Bloomberg & the majority of clowns in Albany blasting the MTA, they should look at how they can seriously change the course of inadequate funding towards such important infrastructure. However who am I kidding, that would imply that they would give a damn about the millions of riders when their actions clearly show they do not. As far as the majority of media is concerned, they also should be ashamed for not shedding accurate light on the circumstances that prevent the MTA is nowhere close to being the kind of agency riders deserve to have providing mass transit.

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