Speaking Of Cleanup…..

Residents of The Forester located at Queens Blvd. & 75th Ave. have grown increasingly frustrated with the MTA. Their building which is located near an entrance to the 75th Ave. station on the E & F has been the site of unpleasant odors according to residents. The odors are coming from idling trucks & chemicals used by the MTA to clean station floors, stairways, & walls.

Residents such as 70 year old Ronald Spector have stated “I’ve smelled that in the street, like rotten gas.” According to 52 year old Alison Jaret, she has been forced to use towels to block the outside air & smell from entering her 10th floor apartment. She has filed numerous complaints with the MTA in August. The MTA responded to her complaints by stating their crews are in compliance with all air & pollution laws. She has since enlisted the help of Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio to help deal with the problem.

The main complaint of Ms. Jaret is the parking locations chosen by the MTA. MTA spokeswoman Deirdre Parker promised the agency would alternate the crew’s parking location. The MTA’s vice president for government and community relations voiced the same promised the same thing when he said the crew would “find an alternate parking site & be mindful of neighbors’ concerns.” in a letter that was addressed to Mr. Gulluscio.

Unfortunately the promises have been broken as Ms. Jaret said the MTA has increased its presence to two trucks in the same parking areas. MTA spokeswoman Deirdre Parker once again had this to say:  “I’m sure the fumes are not hazardous, but we’ll look into it and see what they can do.” Considering how the MTA has not followed through on their promise, I would caution residents to expect any changes unless you increase your complaints!

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