Mayor Bloomberg Hypocritically Blasts The MTA

If you were to open up a dictionary & look up the word hypocritical, a huge picture of Mayor Bloomberg would be right next to word. The latest display comes from his decision to blast the MTA for failing to adequately fund the expansion of the system while keeping the current form in good repair. Kerry Burke & Celeste Katz have more in this report:

Mayor Bloomberg joined straphangers in skewering the MTA on Tuesday as a fallen station ceiling disrupted service for a second day.

Chunks of the ceiling at the 181st St. stop on the 1 train fell onto the tracks Sunday night, throwing service out of whack – and it will likely stay that way until the weekend, transit officials say.

The collapse “just goes to show the MTA has for decades underfunded what they needed to do to not just expand, but to maintain our stations,” said Bloomberg.

“This could have killed somebody. Fortunately, it did not,” he said, while appearing at a news conference on waterfront development.

While the disruption was more inconvenient than anything else, Bloomberg said, “Nevertheless we have to have [a] capital budget to maintain what we have.”

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Are you kidding me? Did he really accuse the MTA of all people for underfunding the needs to expand the system while keeping the current one in good repair? Seriously Bloomberg, almost every politician including yourself should look in the mirror before throwing this kind of accusation around. Where were all of you when the MTA needed money to main & expand our system? Oh that is right, you were too busy saying how the city could not be counted on to contribute its fair share.

However lets not leave the blame squarely on the city as the crooks in Albany deserve just as much if not most of the blame for failing to adequately fund the transit agency. Instead of stepping up to the playe & fixing the system that for years as robbed the MTA of its deserved funding, politicians such as yourself are looking for any little excuse to shift the responsibility of funding back to the agency. This is then followed by the outrage & demand for the MTA to stop passing the pain on to the riders through fare hikes & service cuts.

While the MTA is not blame free for their role in this mess, lets not act like politicians such as yourself are not responsible for the lack of expansion or system upkeep to a state of good repair. Instead of spending dollar after dollar to advertise your desire to improve mass transit in New York City for the millions who depend on it, how about actually delivering instead of acting like the biggest hypocrite with your latest rant.

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